Co-Founders of Bridgesplit Will Join Tuesday, 12/21

Next livestream will be Tuesday, 12/21 at 17:00 UTC.

Bridgesplit Livestream

In the next edition of the DeFi Direct Youtube series, the co-founders from Bridgesplit, Mary and Luke, will be joining Greg, GoonTrades, who is back as always to lead the discussion in what should be a very informative podcast about the untapped potential of NFTs on the Solana blockchain. 

The live stream will begin at 17:00 UTC on the DeFi Direct Youtube channel.


Who is Bridgesplit

Mary and Luke, co-founders of Bridgesplit, come from an engineering, quant trading, and product background, having spent time at Google, Optiver, Cruise, and YC. They started building in the blockchain space after witnessing mainstream users priced out of participating in DeFi summer.

The two met in college at Duke before starting a defense staffing company they sold right before shifting their focus to web3. Their passion to build a product that was both accessible and attractive to 1B users led them to the intersection of Solana and NFTs where they are building the next frontier of DeFi.

What is Bridgesplit

Bridgesplit is the first NFT financialization platform to leverage Solana to unlock composability between NFTs and DeFi. Examples include collateralized lending and fractionalization. This infrastructure is necessary for the gaming, entertainment, and collectible verticals and to scale the ecosystem to luxury goods, businesses, and land.

At its core, Bridgesplit is a liquidity stack for NFTs, presenting (1) the ability to get liquid, flexible, complex exposure on NFTs and (2) yield for providing NFT and NFT derivative liquidity.

The protocol facilitates the creation of fungible asset markets backed by NFTs and the aggregation of liquidity for those markets. Examples of those fungible asset markets include fractional NFT pools, curated NFT pools, and automated NFT indexes. Each market has a liquidity pool that allows traders to earn yield while retaining exposure to the underlying NFTs. The protocol will soon power NFT collateralized lending, NFT-backed perpetual futures, and more.

Source: Solana News

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