PlaytoEarn Project MonkeyBall Token Launch Set for Kickoff

$MBS Token Launch set for December 21 at 2pm UTC.

MonkeyBall Strikes Towards Goal

The Solana PlaytoEarn football game announced its token launch via Raydium is set this month.

The official twitter account of MonkeyBall announced on December 16 that the launch of their $MBS token is set for December 21 at 2PM UTC. Raydium and CEX will be the platforms hosting the launch of $MBS, MonkeyBall’s native token.

“MonkeyFans! RAIN, SLEET, HAIL, or SNOW, this MonkeyBall Train is Launching! December 21st @ 2PM UTC on Raydium + CEX. Nothing will stop this MonkeyTrain from building the most engaging play-and-earn game on the planet!” MonkeyBall tweeted.


Bot manipulation during token launches are harmful to any crypto gaming community, and the MonketBall team is aware of this. Therefore the launch will first be done on CEX platform before a liquidity pool will be made available on Raydium.

1000000 $MBS Giveaway

On December 9, the MonketBall team promised to airdrop 1,000,000 $MBS tokens to the community. Half of which will go to IDO participants, increasing their total share by 5% for free. The other half will go to all $MBS holders after a snapshot on Raydium is taken 7 days post token launch. Visit their blog post to learn more about the token launch on December 21.

MonkeyBall is a four on four, turn based, play to earn, soccer arcade game built on the Solana blockchain. Two teams battle against each other in a six rounds per half match with the objective of scoring three goals before the opposing team. Visit their website to know more about the project.

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Source: Solana News

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