Tiexo Joins Us For Round Two

The NFT marketplace and ecosystem joined us for a second AMA to explain some project updates and upcoming giveaways.

Another Smooth AMA

On December 17th, TIEXO joined us for a second AMA. The AMA was centered around project updates since our last visit, in particular focusing on platform upgrades and future implementations.

Ben Thompson, the community marketing manager, was the representative from TIEXO. He shared that the TIEXO team wanted to ensure their Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace would have products for users to enjoy right when it launched.

“Yeah, we didn’t want to launch the marketplace without having, you know, products on it without having NFTs on there. So just as part of our strategy it just kind of made sense to release them at the same time,” Ben told our host Andrew.

Work in Progress

Much of the AMA discussion revolved around what the TIEXO community could expect in the future. Ben confirmed that there are no current plans for Flagship collections beyond the original 12, but that the team is hard at work to release the collections in a short time frame. 

He also explained that 3rd-party NFTs would be accepted onto the marketplace in the near future. Along with this would come the release of the Artist Toolbox, a product that helps anyone create and sell NFTs on the platform with ease.


Ben also went into detail on the TIEXO Super Giveaway and other giveaways that the platform will be holding. Holders of Flagship TIEXO NFTs will be eligible to participate, with TIEXO using a feature called “seats tracker” to monitor participant eligibility.

“The seats tracker ties into our super giveaway. There’s twelve winners. It’s a $120,000 cash pool as well as a 1,500 NFT pool,” he explained. “That contest is going to run until the end of our final flagship release. So we’re thinking sometime probably late in March and then the seats tracker is how you manage all of your entries into that. Because there’s so many different ways that you can earn entries into the collection, and we needed a way to manage, you know, be able to track how many entries people had. We created the seat tracker for that.”


TIEXO is an NFT marketplace and ecosystem based on Solana. Along with providing a place to trade NFTs, TIEXO is also home to 12 specialized Flagship collections. Two of these collections have already been released, with each collection being released in pairs. Along with the marketplace and collections, TIEXO is also building the Artist’s Toolbox – a one-of-a-kind tool that lets anyone create and launch an NFT with ease.

Source: Solana News

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