No Crypto Bros: PussyDAO Is Where Punk Rock Meets Hyperfemininity

PussyDAO is a new NFT project on Solana founded as both an artist collective an business. BSC News talked to founder Izzy Howell.

PussyDao Roars on Solana

2019 report on the “State of Diversity and Inclusion in Blockchain” said (2019) that all-women founding teams accounted for only 8.2% of venture-backed crypto and blockchain companies. In defiance of the industry’s gender diversity gap, Izzy Howell launched a new Solana project called PussyDAO.

We have everything you need to know about the project and their interesting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) drop.

Q: Let’s begin with the basics: What is PussyDAO?

Howell: I founded the company as both an artist collective and a business. Our vision is to create limited-edition viral drops of apparel, food, CPG, games, fashion, software, and art. We will release collections in limited editions, trying to do one every couple of weeks through 2023, and we have exciting partnerships lined up.

Q: What is the company’s brand value?

Howell: Our brand is “punk rock meets hyperfemininity,” and our vision is to bring a viral feminine viewpoint to crypto, which has been primarily dude-centric and very bro-focused.

(We don’t have a website yet and needn’t be confused with a synonymous project.)

Q: How can I contribute to PussyDAO as an artist?

HowellFollowing along on our Twitter is the biggest thing. We will have a couple of drops coming up soon. You can participate by purchasing one of the NFTs and redeeming it for the IRL panties.

The first big drop we are doing is making IRL panties that say “Highly Liquid” on the crotch, which is a joke about liquidity.

Q: What is digital feminism in the context of decentralization?

Howell: Feminism is different for every single person, and it is difficult for us to create something that accepts every single person’s definition of feminism.

We are trying to embody a new phrase, a positive text brand, to counteract all the dude-centric bro-iness on Solana.

We are building a new business, but we are also a satire and a social commentary.

[She clarifies their business is not trying to tell anyone about feminism or how to act like a woman. Howell believes that’s on everyone as individuals to decide.]

Through our project and art launches, we aim to start meaningful conversations around gender, identity, and how those ideas play out in the financial realm state.

Q: Any plans on giving back to women’s causes or movements from NFT sales and profits?

Howell: This is sort of a contrary view. As an individual and a founder, I am 100% aligned with these causes on an ideological level. But I want to create a thriving business that makes a ton of money, and then as a founder would accommodate this later.

There is a lot of pressure to make the business a part of the social justice cause and sacrifice the profits early to donate to those causes, but male founders are not under such pressure. So it ends up promoting the wage gap and the investment gap, and the inability to generate profits.

We are a business, an art collective, and don’t have plans to align ourselves with anything political or philanthropical.

What Is PussyDAO?

PussyDAO is a Web3 startup that plans to sell Solana-based NFTs that can be redeemed for physical clothing and other goods. It was started by Izzy Howell, formerly head of growth at Cypher.


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