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Solana Saga Cancelled Due to Dominance of $30 Million BONK Token Package Over Device’s Worth

Solana (SOL) and Bonk (BONK) Value Surges Solana (SOL) and its associated meme coin, Bonk (BONK), have witnessed remarkable surges in value, with SOL recording gains of over 71% and Bonk experiencing an astonishing 342% increase over the past 30 days. Solana Saga Faces Inventory Mishap Over the past month, SOL has seen a significant[Read more…]

Solana Reigns Supreme in NFT Space, Outshining Cardano

As the NFT marketplace witnesses rapid growth, recent data from CryptoSlam has placed Solana at the forefront, notably surpassing Cardano in sales. In just a 24-hour window, Solana boasted an NFT sales volume of $1,134,068, engaging 3,507 buyers. Cardano, by comparison, trailed with a volume of $155,244 and 1,016 buyers. While these figures paint a[Read more…]

Solana’s Price Action Remains Steady: Anticipating Potential Trends Ahead

Solana [SOL] Price Action Analysis – May Update Solana [SOL] showed promising performance in the last week of May. After experiencing a downward trend since mid-April, SOL managed to rebound from the critical $19.25 support level. However, as of the latest data, the price is currently facing resistance once again. Over the past four months,[Read more…]

Can Solana’s DEXes Propel it into the Major Leagues? Fresh Insights Indicate…

Can Solana’s DEXes Propel it into the Major Leagues? Fresh Insights Indicate… According to data published on 13 May, it was observed that the overall DEX volumes on the Solana [SOL] network increased substantially over the last week. Solana Makes a Mark The growth of Solana’s DEX volumes surpassed that of its competitors such as[Read more…]

Solana Labs Develops Real-Time Blockchain Analysis Plugin for ChatGPT

Solana Labs Introduces ChatGPT Plugin for Real-Time Blockchain Analysis Solana Labs, the company behind the founders and core contributors of the Solana blockchain, is venturing into the world of artificial intelligence with the introduction of a ChatGPT plugin. This upcoming plugin will enable users to search the Solana blockchain using OpenAI’s conversational chatbot technology. Once[Read more…]

Google Cloud Partners with Solana and Others to Lead the Way for Web3

Google Cloud Announces Partnerships with Web3 Startups On April 25, Google Cloud announced partnerships with Solana, Alchemy, Nansen, and several other crypto firms as part of the web3 startup program. This initiative provides startups with “credits” to use Google’s servers and other Google-wide offers to assist emerging web3 companies. New Support for Pre-Seed to Series[Read more…]

Unlocking the Potential of Solana’s NFT Space: An In-Depth Look at the Platform’s Game-Changing Upgrade

<h2>Solana Mobile Saga Devices Begin Delivery</h2> Solana Mobile has announced that its Saga devices began delivery on April 20, 2023. This could be a much-needed boost for Solana’s NFT space, which saw a significant decline in trade count last week. In the past month, Solana’s [SOL] NFT space has remained relatively quiet in terms of[Read more…]

Navigating SOL Price Volatility: Insights on Grayscale Solana Trust’s Retail Debut and Potential 20% Drop Risk

The Latest Solana Price Movement The price of Solana’s native cryptocurrency, SOL, experienced a drop of over 4% on April 17, falling below $24.50, despite reaching a two-month high of $26 earlier in the day. This decline in SOL’s price followed similar price movements in other top-ranking cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), which[Read more…]

Solana Unveils Game-Changing NFT Feature: Could It Propel SOL Price to $25? Analysis Reveals

Solana Unveils Groundbreaking NFT Feature: State Compression Solana, a prominent player in the crypto community, has announced a game-changing NFT feature that is poised to disrupt the NFT and Web3 market. The feature, called “State Compression,” is designed to reduce the cost of minting NFTs, addressing previous concerns about the network’s inconsistency and breakdowns. Jon[Read more…]

Unlocking Africa’s Rich History: Afrobubble’s Venn Oputa Immortalizes Queen Amina on the Blockchain

Venn Oputa: Carving Out a Place for African History on the Blockchain Venn Oputa, an ideator and co-founder of Afrobubble, is passionate about showcasing the rich history of Africa using the power of blockchain technology. As the creator of one of Africa’s first NFT collections, which aims to immortalize the legendary Queen Amina, Oputa recently[Read more…]