Solana Labs Develops Real-Time Blockchain Analysis Plugin for ChatGPT

Solana Labs Introduces ChatGPT Plugin for Real-Time Blockchain Analysis

Solana Labs, the company behind the founders and core contributors of the Solana blockchain, is venturing into the world of artificial intelligence with the introduction of a ChatGPT plugin. This upcoming plugin will enable users to search the Solana blockchain using OpenAI’s conversational chatbot technology.

Once launched, the ChatGPT plugin will provide users with various capabilities through its user interface. These functionalities include checking wallet balances, token transfers, and NFT purchases. Solana Labs aims to simplify the navigation of the Solana blockchain for users.

“The plugin leverages publicly available and accessible code and data,” explained Noah Gundotra, Software Engineer at Solana Labs, in an interview with Decrypt. “Our efforts in this field aim to promote safe and human-interpretable standards regarding large language models and transaction execution.”

Beta Version Available for Developers

A beta version of the ChatGPT plugin is currently accessible to developers via the Solana Labs GitHub account. This beta release allows developers to test the plugin’s functionality and provide valuable feedback to Solana Labs before its official launch in the ChatGPT plugin store.

Solana Foundation Grants for AI Development

On Tuesday, the Solana Foundation announced the allocation of $1 million in grants to support the development and utilization of AI for the Solana blockchain. The grants range from $5,000 to $25,000 each, encouraging innovation in AI within the Solana ecosystem.

“Solana Labs is actively working on new protocol standards that enable ChatGPT to perform common interactions with on-chain programs, ensuring enhanced safety and interpretability,” added Gundotra. He further mentioned that additional resources for both consumers and developers will be provided to facilitate a better understanding of the plugin’s safety and interpretability.

Positive Impact on SOL Token Price

The announcement of the ChatGPT plugin may have had a positive impact on the price of Solana’s native token, SOL. Over the past 24 hours, the price of SOL has increased by 7%, reaching a trading value of $22.61, as reported by CoinGecko.

Integration of AI in Blockchain

Solana is not the first blockchain company to explore the integration of AI technology. Other companies such as, Ocean Protocol, Chainalysis, and Forta Network are also bridging AI and blockchain. However, Solana Labs claims to be the first prominent existing layer-1 chain to embrace this functionality.

“By providing ChatGPT as an example plugin to analyze Solana data and protocols, including NFT research or surfacing information about Solana’s computing infrastructure and DeFi projects, ChatGPT can effectively guide users towards Solana,” stated Gundotra.

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