Solana Reigns Supreme in NFT Space, Outshining Cardano

As the NFT marketplace witnesses rapid growth, recent data from CryptoSlam has placed Solana at the forefront, notably surpassing Cardano in sales. In just a 24-hour window, Solana boasted an NFT sales volume of $1,134,068, engaging 3,507 buyers. Cardano, by comparison, trailed with a volume of $155,244 and 1,016 buyers. While these figures paint a clear picture, they also spur questions regarding their veracity.

Prominent figures within the crypto space have taken note. Rick McCracken, the lead stake pool operator at Digital Fortress, has addressed the data discrepancies, casting a shadow of doubt over Solana’s figures. He pointed out that Solana’s affordable transaction fees might easily allow for the manipulation of sales data. “Solana transactions are cheap, so the volume is easily faked,” McCracken remarked, suggesting that heightened activity may not reflect a genuine interest in the platform’s NFTs.

This came after another social media user, @ponziratti, highlighted Cardano’s trailing position, provocatively asking, “How can we fix this?”

Ethereum, however, remains untouched at the zenith of the NFT world, reporting an impressive volume of $12,888,790. Other chains, including Polygon and Mythos Chain, continue their ascent in the space. These figures underline that the NFT arena is far from being just a tussle between Solana and Cardano, with the latter remaining only an insignificant player despite making significant strides in the sector.

Despite NFT trading volume dropping by 41%, developers remain optimistic, deploying nearly six million smart contracts on platforms like Ethereum and Polygon, according to a recent developer report by Alchemy.


In the ever-evolving landscape of NFTs, Solana’s dominance and Cardano’s challenges reflect the dynamic nature of the crypto space. While Solana’s impressive sales figures are met with skepticism, the broader NFT arena showcases a diverse range of contenders, with Ethereum holding a firm grip on the top position. As the industry continues to develop, keeping an eye on these trends and data nuances will be crucial for understanding the true dynamics of the NFT market.

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