1,000 MonkeyBall NFTs Sold In 23 Seconds!

The football-themed metaverse game held the first sale for their MonkeyBall NFTs via Magic Eden on Jan. 4th.

Highly Anticipated Drop of 5,000 NFTs Sees Issues

The Solana community has crowded in to get their hands on the MonkeyBall Gen-Zero NFTs in the 1st public sale.

The Solana-based game held the first launch of 1,000 NFTs on Magic Eden at 20:00 UTC on January 4. As revealed on the game’s Discord server, according to MagicEden’s analytics, all 1,000 NFTs were sold in 23 seconds, and there were 38,000 unique users clicking to mint the NFTs simultaneously. The mint price of the MonkeyBall NFTs was fixed at 2 SOL. The current floor price of these NFTs is at 10.50 SOL, as listed on MagicEden.

“With the numerous ways to have an NFT drop, there is no perfect or fail-safe one, nor one that will make every member of such a large community happy. It is easy to blame everything on Bots, the MonkeyBall team, or others, but the reality is when there are 38,000 unique people trying to purchase one of 1,000 products in an imperfect online system at the same time. Having said that, we are floored by the numbers from last night’s drop, and there were several things we learned to implement or adjust for our drop tomorrow,” announced a representative of the MonkeyBall team on the official Discord server.

Source: Magic Eden

The main drop of 5,000 Zero-Gen NFTs also took place on the game’s official website on January 6 at 14:00 UTC. The accepted Solana based wallets at the drop were:




The drop again saw sales in record time but some discrepancies were reported on Twitter and Monkeyball halted the sale. Users had been charged and not received their relevant NFT. MonkeyBall immediately addressed issues via twitter citing congestion on chain as the reason for the issues. Solana News will be keeping a close eye on developments as they arise.

“Our website was also heavily overloaded, which we all knew would happen.  The major setback was the hardcore congestion on Solana that caused unbearable delays and stalled 1000s of transactions. Once we opened it again, the same.” The team explained via their Discord. “Anyone that SUCCESSFULLY completed the transaction and were NOT immediately refunded, WILL receive their Monkey over the next several hours. They are ALREADY on the way.”

As previously reported by Solana.News, MonkeyBall scheduled the initial DEX offering (IDO) of its native token, MBS, via StarLaunch on Nov. 30. In the IDO, 10 million MBS tokens were on sale at the price of $0.04 as per data from CryptoRank. The token currently exchanges hands for $1.36 as per data from CoinMarketCap, putting the return on investment (ROI) since the IDO at nearly 34x.

What is MonkeyBall?

MonkeyBall is an esports football metaverse game built on the Solana blockchain network that is often described as a combination of FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. As the game was developed on the Unity game engine, gamers would eventually be able to play it both on their smartphone and PCs.

Find more about MonkeyBall here:

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