Max Fu of Nyan Heroes Details Game’s Big Vision

The co-founder of Nyan Heroes spelled out a vision for a quality game with a dual token model and strong community elements.

Nyan Heroes Aims for Quality

Max Fu from Nyan Heroes joined Greg, Goon Trades, on January 4 for an hour of great insight to explore the highly anticipated game. The DeFi Direct YouTube hosted the co-founder of an up-and-coming blockchain PlayToEarn game on the Solana network. 

Fu and his co-founder WRAYA are looking to flex their near-decade-long history of growing some of the largest social media communities in the world. Experts in media and marketing, Max Fu and Wraya have brought in a serious array of AAA game developers. Together the vision is to build a sustainable game backed by the powerful communities of Wraya and Max.

“We’re putting gameplay first to develop a really high-quality AAA-quality game,” Max told Greg. “We want to attract the traditional gamers, the Web-2 market […] They also play because they want to immerse themself into a community.”


The team at Nyan Heroes is hoping to build a game on par with Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Nyan Heroes will be styled as a battle royale first-person shooter built with a two token model that will incorporate a native stablecoin. 

The conversation between Max Fu and Greg explored several other topics including the token Frax model, guild intricacies, the DAO make-up, and much more in the team’s four year roadmap.

Check out the full stream here

What Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is a P2E NFT based game built on the Solana blockchain network as a part of the growing metaverse. In the game, players will be able to collect Nyans (Cats) and their Guardian Robots as NFTs. These heroes can then be used to battle other players in a shooter-style action game.  The main cryptocurrency behind Nyan Heroes will be $NYN. The token will provide a multifunctional governance token allocated during private and public sales, with specific proportions set out for the core team, staking rewards, and community treasury. 

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