Wormhole Expands its Bridge to Include Terra

Users can now get the UST stablecoin & LUNA to use in Solana’s DeFi ecosystem via Wormhole’s token bridge.

TerraUSD Now on Solana

The Wormhole Network has now expanded the capabilities of its token bridge to support tokens from the Terra network like UST and LUNA.

Terra previously used the Shuttle bridge as a bridge between Terra<>Ethereum<>BSC<>Harmony. The protocol has issued migration plans for theirs users on multiple chains that hold wrapped tokens of Terra based assets from Shuttle, for conversion to Wormhole.

“Users should make sure that they follow the precise steps attentively, as the Shuttle bridge will eventually be deprecated and replaced by Wormhole. Due to the nature of decentralized blockchains, Shuttle assets and Wormhole assets will co-exist in the short term as we cannot immediately force users to migrate their Shuttle assets or dictate the actions of third-parties launching pools or products on open-source platforms,” mentioned Wormhole in their official Medium blog about their latest bridge integration. 

Source: Terra Medium

This development now means that users can seamlessly transfers token between the networks, Terra, Solana, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As previously reported by BSC.News, the Wormhole token bridge expanded its capabilities to support tokens from the BSC ecosystem.

About Wormhole

The Wormhole network is a protocol that specializes in building bridging between various blockchain networks that allows for the quick and seamless transfer of any sort of information between one chain to the other. The team behind is of the belief that communication in the next frontier in blockchain technology. In addition to the bridge connecting these 4 leading blockchain networks, the protocol intends to expands its connectivity to other prominent networks as well in the future.

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Source : solana.news

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