Allbridge Co-Founder Meets with GoonTrades for Informative Chat

The platform started small, bridging with Solana, and gradually grew to serve a greater need across all blockchains.

Allbridge Created to Serve Growing Need

Solana News founder Greg, also known as GoonTrades, played host to a virtual conversation that lasted just under an hour on Tuesday, October 19 at 16:00 UTC. Allbridge co-founder Andriy Velykyv stopped by to answer several questions and was on hand to offer users well-rounded and informative ideas.

Greg and Andriy went through a helpful tutorial on how to work the Allbridge interface. Allbridge makes it super easy for crypto users to bridge between different blockchains. Now users can easily bounce their liquidity between buying NFTs on Solana to catching the massive gainz and annual percentage yields found on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The creation of Allbridge serves a growing need for free movement of liquidity across blockchain.

“[W]hat we had in mind is to add liquidity[…]from all the chains on the market. Not only the most popular chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, but other chains too. We bridge Terra, Stellar […] Avalanche [,]Polygon. Most of the liquidity bridged by Allbridge today is between Solana and Polygon,” Velykyv told GoonTrades.

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At the center of the Allbridge philosophy lies the freedom for users to go, invest, and engage in blockchain projects wherever they please. As blockchain grows and grows, there is an equal need for interoperability and freedom of movement while searching for greater functionality. 

Users should not feel confined to one on-chain or another. The ability to provide more liquidity effortlessly between chains will lead to more liberalization and creativity for users. With a dearth of liquidity on crypto—99% of world value still lies in fiat—the function and role of platforms like Allbridge will serve an essential role in the growth and development of chains and platforms.

Velykyv and GoonTrades explored several more topics in the chat. Be sure to tune in to learn about Allbridge’s partnerships with Sabre and ApeSwap, as well as the latest updates about staking and more. 

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About Allbridge

Allbridge is a modular and expanding token bridge with on-chain consensus. It’s a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between blockchain networks. Allbridge’s mission is to make the blockchain world borderless and provide a tool to move assets between different networks freely. In the future, it will evolve into a DAO-style multi-chain hub, establishing connections between the EVM and non-EVM networks.

Where to find more about Allbridge:

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