Tiny Colony Releases Land Sale Details

Holders of the virtual real estate will be given “voting and decision making rights” that will directly influence the direction of the project and other bonus perks.

More than Just Digital Real Estate

The team behind the PlayToEarn project on Solana, Tiny Colony, released more details about their upcoming Colony Sale. 

Players who are lucky enough to hold on to some Tiny Colony real estate will have a direct impact on the development of the game as one of the numerous benefits of being a land owner in Tiny Colony. The team released through their official twitter account on January 7 additional details on how to get hold of their virtual land through the Colony Sale.

“Here it is Tiny Fam!! Read all about our upcoming Colony Sale (virtual land) and how to get Whitelisted!” Tiny Colony tweeted.


Aside from the voice in the development of the game that the team gives land owners in the tinyverse, owning land also gives an additional revenue stream for players. Land owners can choose to stake their land to earn from the rewards pool of the tinyverse. The funds from the rewards pool comes from revenue generated from the Tiny Bazaar, Tinyverse’s marketplace.

Getting a Colony NFT


There are several ways to obtain a Colony NFT and be able to be a land owner in the tinyverse. First is by being an early supporter of the project. Players that were part of the community since day 1 get 500 whitelist spots for the land sale. A gleam campaign will also be launched in the future for other players to get a chance to win a whitelist spot for the colony sale. There will also be a lottery where staking your $TINY earns you additional raffle entries. What is left will be sold in a public sale on a first come first serve basis.

Types Of Colonies


The medium post mentions seven different types of colonies, each unique from one another. The basic form of land is called a Nest and there will be 5000 of them available. Unique in game experiences and NFTs will be available depending on where your nest is located. 

Samurai Lands, Persian Empire, and Viking Mountains have 2500 plots available for each type. The Samurai Lands have the greatest link to the spirit world than any other kingdom. The Persian Empire’s strength is its huge numbers and its battle strategies. The Viking Mountains have the most ferocious ants in any colony.

Scientist Outposts, Sorcerer Hideouts, and Spirit Hotspots are 1000 plots in number for each land type. Scientist Outposts are humans shrunk down to increase their chances of survival. Sorcerer Hideouts house ants that are no longer welcome in other colonies because they absorbed the energy of spirits they defeated. Tiny spirits reside in Spirit Hotspots and have been present since the beginning of the tinyverse.

Each colony will have a bonus pack that helps in the construction of their colony. They come with building materials called “Tiny Scraps” and a rare NFT character to jumpstart their construction. Learn more about the land sale by visiting their medium post.

Source : solana.news

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