See How Phantasia Sports is Changing Fantasy Sports on Solana

The fantasy sports game is finding a whole new gear on the blockchain.

Fantasy Sports Meets Solana Network

The DeFi Direct YouTube channel hosted one of the core team members from Phantasia Sports, an up-and-coming Solana-based fantasy sports decentralized application. Greg, Goon Trades, our perennial DeFi Direct host spoke with Dan a key developer from Phantasia on January 7.

The conversation explored the ways Phantasia is disrupting the fantasy sports world. With as devoted and dedicated fans as the real sports, Phantasia is looking to tap into, and revolutionize, the fantasy sports world by implementing Solana’s technology into the experience. By putting these experience on chain, Dan believes fantasy sports user’s can improve their whole playing experience.

“Phantasia currently offers FreeToPlay fantasy sports contests. We offer NFL and NBA contests that are daily contests,” explained Dan. 


The conversation with Greg and Dan dove directly into a tutorial that explored the Phantasia app. Currently offering NBA and NFL sports, EPL (English Premier League) and Cricket on the way, Phantasia is building a sports app that will bridge continents and fan bases. The NFTs, or PhanBots, are also a huge portion of the Phantasia experience. 

The platform setups the experience for NFT and sports fanatics alike. The customization of NFTs is something that Dan foresees as a major player in the platform and fantasy sports.

“Fantasy sports is highly competitive so customizing that in-game experience to follow you around from whether you are on the leaderboard to talking smack in the chat […] we found this to be highly attractive,” Dan said.

For a full take on the conversation, head over to the DeFi Direct YouTube for the stream.

What is Phantasia Sports?

Phantasia is the first of its kind play-to-earn Fantasy Sports platform built on the Solana Blockchain. The platform’s goal is to provide users with an immersive all-in-one fantasy sports universe for a variety of sports, including American Football, football, basketball, and cricket. Through Phantasia’s Play to Earn Model, users can earn $FANT token by winning contests and completing in-game quests. The application allows users to play their favorite fantasy sports games while betting against their friends. 

Where to find Phantasia Sports

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