Tiny Colony Breaks Down Construction And Management Economy

The development team explains tokenomics, earning potential, and in-game features ahead of the Alpha on June 30.

Metaverse Economy Design

Tiny Colony, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game on Solana, released a document on May 26 explaining the ins and outs of their Tinyverse’s economy.

The protocol will have a two-token economy with 100,000,000 $TINY governance and staking tokens and an uncapped $TEENY utility token.

Sugar, Scraps, and Larvae are off-chain resources that players need to farm and manage to create a healthy colony.

Quests, Digging, and Ant Raids are the main earning mechanics in the game. Colonies and Character NFTs can also be cloned and sold on the marketplace.

Colony Development is the primary resource sink in Tiny Colony. It is essential to a player’s success in the game.

The team also released a video that gave the first look into the Tiny Colony MVP. The video showed a quick introduction to how the construction and management features of the game will play out.

 A sneak peek of the buildings, their utility, and how to make them were also featured in the video. 

The alpha is scheduled for June 30 and is open to selected testers and Tiny OGs. Check out Tiny Colony’s Medium Post, or Youtube video for more details.


What is Tiny Colony:

Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated metaverse built on the Solana blockchain where players can construct their own colony. Colonies built and managed correctly can earn tokens by joining quests or participating and wagering in battles. Spend those tokens purchasing more NFTs for your colony or repairs of your base after a battle.

Where to find Tiny Colony:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium |

Source : web3wire.news

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