Solana Blockchain Tops $2 Billion All-Time NFT Sales Despite Market Slump

Solana is head-strong in complete command-and-conquer form, hitting new milestones left and right. It has just notched its highest all-time NFT sales volume, with over $2.35 billion as of this writing.

This new milestone has placed Solana in third place, following Ethereum and Ronin, two of its biggest rivals.

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Solana Leads With $2.35 Billion ATH

Coined as the “Ethereum Killer,” Solana has catapulted to be the most popular blockchain platform for NFTs as more and more NFTs are attracted to it for a big reason.

In a span of merely two years, Solana has successfully battled the three most common problems with blockchains – decentralization, security, and stability.

June proved to be Solana’s lucky …

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