The DarleyGo Team Discusses Their Background and Project Plans

The Solana-based horse racing GameFi project stopped by to chat about how their project started and where it’s headed.

Say Hello to DarleyGo

On January 12th, the DarleyGo team joined us here at Solana News for an AMA. The DarleyGo team representative, Alvin introduced himself to our host Tom. Alvin gave a little insight into what had inspired him to help create DarleyGo.

“So a little background of myself is actually that I grew up watching a lot of horse racing events. And, you know, I have always been a big fan of horse racing. So before kick starting this project, I was actually heavily involved in the horse racing industry, like mainly trading horses around the world,” Alvin revealed.

He went on to discuss how he traded real-life race horses and even owns a training stable, giving the project an expert of sorts on its inspiration and themes.

The Vision

Alvin then discussed how the DarleyGo team was working to attract both crypto community members and those who enjoy horse racing. They explained they want the main focus of the project to be fun and engaging gameplay, with the earn mechanisms coming second to the experience.

Despite focusing on fun first, DarleyGo does have a dual-token model. Alvin stated that they wanted an in-game currency that didn’t fluctuate as much, leading to their first token, while their second token is similar to a stake in the DarleyGo platform. 


Our host Tom then noted that horse racing blockchain games were becoming more popular. He inquired what features DarleyGo has to set it apart from its competition. The team explained that their expanded game modes such as training offered more ways to play. They also went into their breeding mechanics, which are in-depth and mechanically strong.  The team revealed their plans for how the gameplay would look and play, with more details to be released closer to launch.

Whitelist Opportunity 

With their NFT sale on Magic Eden coming up in about two weeks, Tom thought it was important to find out how to get on the DarleyGo whitelist. The team explained investors can join from their Discord in a very simple process. For those interested, their Discord link can either be found on their website or visited here.

About DarleyGo

DarleyGo is a horse racing-themed GameFi project on the Solana blockchain. DarleyGo uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent the horses, which players can breed and train to maximize their in-game power. 

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