Step Finance Launches Solana Pay Merch Store

Step is expanding the team rapidly to integrate more protocols, expand the product, and widen brand awareness.

Solana Pay to Conquer Online Brands

Step Finance—the Solana-based wallet dashboard—launched a crypto-only merchandise store.

The team announced that the store is up and running on April 28 via Twitter. It offers fans the chance to buy Step-branded apparel—shirts, hats, hoodies, socks, etc.—using crypto and Solana Pay. The store is available on Aten, a new startup that onboards merchants and NFT projects to Solana Pay’s cheap, fast and decentralized payment solution. 

“If you are a physical or digital store owner that uses Solana Pay or are in the process of implementing it, let us know! We would like to add your store to our directory and provide you with more visibility!” tweeted the Aten team on February 19.

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Solana Pay lately. It’s already starting to appear in retail stores across the U.S. – such as the Feature store at Wynn Las Vegas. This rapid expansion sparked a lot of interest in the Solana community and the broader crypto audience. 

In particular, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal joined in on the hype, and Chamath Palihapitiya—CEO of Social Capital and Golden State Warriors’ part-owner—also praised the protocol as a growing payment solution, saying:

“I was able to see under the hood of Solana Pay, and that is really exciting.”

What is Aten: 

Aten is a marketplace that enables merchants and NFT projects to utilize Solana Pay as a form of payment. Stores can choose the currency they accept, whether it be $SOL, $USDC, or even their own issued project token for increased utility.

Where to find Aten:

Website | Twitter |

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What is Step Finance:

Step Finance is a portfolio management dashboard and transaction aggregator that allows users to monitor their tokens associated with their wallets, LP positions, staked yield farms, margin positions, and more. In short, the protocol will enable users to visualize, analyze, execute, and aggregate transactions across Solana contracts in one place.

Where to find Step Finance:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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