DarleyGo Unveils New Project

The project revolves around bringing horse-racing events to the Solana blockchain.

Open the Stables

DarleyGo, a blockchain-based horse racing game, has announced the unveiling of its platform. The first horse racing game on the advanced Solana blockchain that allows players to buy, breed, and race NFT horses, DarleyGo is combining the prestigious event with an interactive and imaginative gameplay. 

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Players’ need for a gaming ecosystem that offers incentives and digital ownership of in-game assets has continued to rise exponentially. This does not only foster exciting gameplay, but also allows them to win rewards in the form of native tokens and NFTs, which are oftentimes tradable. 

Thanks to the proliferation of NFT and blockchain technology, players can now own, earn, buy, and sell in-game assets. Recognizing this need, DarleyGo, through its horse racing game, will attempt to deliver an equally rewarding and intriguing gaming platform. 

Leveraging the Solana blockchain to make this a reality, DarleyGo will benefit from the blockchain’s low transaction cost, high-speed, and competitive environment. The team claims this allows them to offer players a seamless, competitive, and streamlined gaming environment. DarleyGo claims their horse racing application could revolutionize the booming gaming industry, according to their website

DarleyGo’s Racing Mode 

The gameplay centers primarily on three game modes—Racing Mode, Trainer Mode, and Breeding Mode. The Racing Mode features a competitive arena where players compete against 12 opponents in either special or regular horse racing events. DarleyGo is integrating 3D streaming for all racing events in this mode. 

There are currently 6 levels of racing—Griffin and Levels 1-5. Unraced horses will kick start their journey on the Griffin level, which is the base level. 

DarleyGo’s Trainer Mode

The Trainer Mode, as the name implies, allows players to discover more about the horses they own. Each horse is replete with untapped potential which players can explore. As part of this mode, horse owners can engage in a training session to discover hidden talents or potentials in their horses while making SPL tokens in return. 

DarleyGo’s Breeding Mode

The Breeding Mode, on the other hand, will require players to have an in-depth knowledge of these horses just as they would in the real world. DarleyGo introduces a unique feature “mutation probability” which increases, to a greater degree, the chances of players breeding champion horse racers. 

Additionally, a badge system has been incorporated as well to offer players streamlined knowledge of these horses. It is divided into two distinct categories—Ability badges and Character badges—the former is apropos to the horse’s abilities while the latter focuses on the horse’s character; mental condition, health status, racetrack adoption, and other similar characteristics. 

With a clear roadmap set out, DarleyGo is planning to integrate with the metaverse and also expand the gaming experience. 

About DarleyGo 

DarleyGo is a Solana-based horse racing platform that has been designed to offer players an exciting and intriguing gaming experience according to its team. DarleyGo incorporates a set of platform-exclusive features, ranging from gameplay modes to ability badges. The introduction of rewards in the form of its native token, SPL, will incentivize gamers while offering them a real-time horse racing game.

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