Space Falcon Hosts Community Giveaway as IDO Nears

10,000,000 $FCON tokens up for grabs as the Space Falcon team plans an airdrop giveaway.

PlaytoEarn Project Launch Airdrop Campaign

Space Falcon, a PlayToEarn GameFi project on Solana, gives back to their community through an airdrop giveaway as the date of their IDO comes closer.

The Space Falcon team took to twitter to announce the airdrop campaign on December 28. 10,000,000 $FCON tokens will be given away by the team to about 31 lucky winners who participate in their giveaway campaign.

“In celebration of our upcoming IDO, we are hosting a giveaway of 10M $FCON tokens for our community…Show us your excitement with completing the Gleam tasks below.” Space Falcon announced through a tweet.


The giveaway will run until April 6, 2022 and requires each participant to complete a series of tasks that either ask you to follow their social media channels or answer a few questions. 25 winners will win about 160,000 $FCON, which is around 320 US Dollars in value, while 5 winners will win 800,000 $FCON, roughly 1,600 US Dollars in value. The grand prize is about a 4,000 US Dollar value of $FCON, which is roughly 2,000,000 tokens in number. 

What Is Space Falcon?

Space Falcon is an Intergalactic metaverse featuring a dual universe of 1980’s retro space exploration and a 2080 set galactic travel metaverse. Players look to build an empire across different galaxies while collecting NFTs through finishing different quest levels. It has three game features in its metaverse. There is a classic shooter game called Falcon Mission, a galaxy ownership model called Falcon Galaxy, and asset trading called Falcon Metaground. Visit their website to learn more about this project.

Source: Solana News

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