Artificial Intelligence Comes to Solana with YetAi NFTs

The NFT collection consists of collectibles made entirely by artificial intelligence and has over 90 traits.

Metaverse and AI Combine

YetAi has revealed that the protocol is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) NFTs to the Solana ecosystem.

The protocol made the announcement via Twitter on December 28. The YetAi collection is made up of 8,888 Yeti NFTs that have been generated entirely by AI and will have more than 90 traits. The protocol will give holders access to an array of utilities to holders and community members. One of these included exclusive access to community conferences, seminars, and private events of the protocol. Minters of the NFTS will also get 70% of royalties from future NFT sales.

“Currently, the cost of minting, buying, and selling NFTs has surged exponentially, owing to the massive influx of artists into the budding market. Supporting the advanced Solana blockchain, YetAi’s development team strongly believes in the immense potential of this network as the future of NFTs. Releasing these well-crafted, unprecedented, and super rare NFTs on Solana will provide prospective holders with fast, secure, and low gas transactions which will further spur the YetAi community to buy expeditiously,” mentioned the official press release from the protocol.  

Source: Twitter

Additionally, the protocol also offers an AI trading bot that will automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies for its users. This will dismiss the need for its users to study and execute complex trading strategies and instead have a bot manage it for them. The protocol has a token release scheduled in Q1 2022. The token will serve both as a utility and governance token to the “Ketra Tundra” metaverse. 

What is YetAi?

The YetAi is an NFT collection of AI Yetis, which claims to be the first NFT project bringing AI to blockchain and Web3. The backstory of the collection reveals that the Yeti tribe was reborn as YetAi’s when a citizen of the tribe came across the Visai, an Artificial Intelligence that changed the Ketra tundra metaverse forever.

Source: Solana News

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