Solily Protocol, One-Stop Defi Platform Solana with Accessibility and Capital Efficiency

Solily is a one-stop DeFi platform that combines a number of DeFi services into a single ecosystem.

Project Introduction

Solily is a one-stop DeFi platform incorporating a variety of DeFi services into one ecosystem. They want to make DeFi a go-to platform for newbies by making it more accessible and capital efficient. Because of its eclectic character, they anticipate the protocol will scale quickly.

Project Tokenomics

Ticker: LILY Token

Maximum Supply: 200,000,000


5% Initial Liquidity – 10,000,000 LILY-500,000USDT provided via Raydium

15% Development Fund (including IDO) – 30,000,000 LILY

10% Boardroom – 20,000,000 LILY as dividends distributed in 10 months

10% Team – 6 months cliff and 540 days vesting

Lily’s Governance Vaults

Curve DAO’s governance vault is a fork of Lily’s governance vault. This is seen to be one of the finest approaches for aligning the platform’s incentives with loyal token holders.

You’ll be able to pick between a minimum of one week and a maximum of 140 days to lock up your Lily tokens. You will get veLILY tokens in exchange, which will reflect your portion of the governance rewards pool as well as your voting power in the next governance functions in Q2 2022.

Based on the quantity of Lily placed and the remaining lock period, the amount of veLILY you’ll get will be computed.


The ecosystem is controlled by veLILY holders, who earn the majority of platform fee income. veLILY token holders must invest their tokens in the Boardroom Pool in order to claim these gains. The quantity of veLILY tokens you invest determines the amount of profit you earn ( percent of the pool).

Platform Revenue Sharing

50% of platform revenue and boardroom dividends will be allocated to veLILY shareholders.

Weekly Pool:

Once a week, veLILY holders who invest in this pool will earn 50% of platform income dividends in the form of SOL token.

Monthly Pool

Dividends consist of 2,000,000 LILY tokens from the boardroom.

veLILY holders who stake in this pool will receive dividends in the form of LILY once a month.

Project Roadmap

Phase I

Team building

UX Designing


Create Social Accounts

Solana Riptide Hackathon Participation

Solana Devnet Testing

Community Developing and Enlarging

Partnerships Seeking

Phase II

DApp Webpage Out

Mainnet Community Co-testing

Solana Riptide Hackathon Results Announced (April 13th)


Official Launch

CoinMarketCap Listing

CoinGecko Listing

Defillama Listing

Multiple Community AMA


Listing ETH, BTC, SRM, stSOL vaults..

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