SOLife Announces Year End Plans

Public token sale is set for the 8th of December.

Life is a Game

Solana based, board game inspired play to earn game SOLife announces how it plans to end 2021 with a bang.

A blockchain project based on the popular board game, The Game of Life, SOLife is a relatively new project that just successfully concluded its private token sale in early December. Launched in the third quarter of 2021, the team announced its plans to end the year strong. It’s plans are headlined by a public token sale on the 8th of December as announced on their official twitter account on December 6 UTC. 

“We’re having busy days at the end of the year. What’s next – Public token sale: Dec 8th🚀 – Cradle airdrop: at Christmas🎄 – NFT marketplace: late Dec to early Jan🛒 – Listing on DEX: Q1 2022📈 Of course, we’re also working hard on game dev. More in-game videos coming soon!” SOLife announced on twitter.


The project has been on pace with its roadmap, checking off a box as each quarter closes. It’s 2021 third quarter highlights include the launching of SOLife, a pre sale of its baby cards, as well as integrating support for the popular solana wallet, Phantom. The NFT marketplace and the public sale of its native token are the only boxes left unchecked for the year and the team plans on ticking off every box before 2021 ends. They also added a bonus cradle airdrop around Christmas time.

What is SOLife?

SOLife is an NFT strategy game built on the Solana blockchain. It draws inspiration from the popular board game, The Game of Life. Players perform different tasks, choose which paths to take, and live out the lives of the baby cards that they possess. It is a game that lasts a lifetime, from birth to death. Check out what they have to offer by visiting their website.

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