RebelSols Reveal Market Royalty Breakdown & REBEL Tokenomics

The NFT project’s secondary market breakdown attempts to make a case for uplifting the community.

REBEL Attempts To Bar For Utility Tokens

The NFT project, RebelSols has revealed more about the way their secondary market royalty would be allocated and the upcoming REBEL token.

20% of the royalties will be designated for the REBEL token liquidity wallet. The funds will be temporarily locked away and used partially to allow for the creation of the utility token and its distribution. REBEL tokens will be used for 4 main reasons:

Metaverse art gallery viewings and auctions

Pay for exclusive event tickets


Play to Earn (P2E) game that’s yet to be launched

“Looking at projects that have done well throughout 2021, we can see most kept the royalty below 12%. Most also don’t intend to reinvest nearly everything back to the community. Our secondary market royalty rate is set at 20%. This amount was picked for a reason. (..) You can see the breakdown for how the project royalties will be split into the separate wallets added to the program (Solana Smart Contract) that will be written to the blockchain. Our ambitious, community-led venture will use the power of the Solana network to automatically reward community efforts and talents,” mentioned the official Medium blog that elaborated on the specifics. 

Source: Secondary Market Royalty Breakdown

The REBEL token will have a total supply of 200 million tokens. The project aims for Q3 of 2022 to be a big quarter for the token. In this quarter the project will start airdropping 10 tokens to each holder for each RebelSols NFT held, per day.

10 $REBEL Tokens X 1665 RebelSols NFTs X 365 Days x 10 years = 60,772,500.

What is RebelSols?

RebelSols is an NFT project built on the Solana blockchain network. Introduced in November this year, the team has commissioned a 3D artist to build the first collection of the project. Their mission statement is “to provide upcoming programmers, skaters, artists, musicians, thespians, directors, authors, comics, poets, photographers, vagabonds — anyone curious and passionate — opportunities they otherwise might have never had!”

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