Solice Launches Closed Beta and NFT Marketplace

Beta participants can run around the city of Solice, interact with the minigames, and view their avatar and inventory items.

Exploring a Futuristic Metaverse

Solice—a cross-platform metaverse built on Solana—launched its closed beta, allowing community members to take their first steps inside the 3D world. 

Solice just had one of the busiest months since the project started. The team updated the community on May 13 via Twitter, relaying that it had reached two significant milestones toward the full metaverse launch – the soft launch and the marketplace launch. The former will enable the team to find potential flaws and pave the way for future builds while participants experience the virtual world from up close. The latter is the official exchange for all the metaverse Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), including land plots, buildings, weapons, and avatars. 

Web3Wire reached out to Solice’s team to find out how they’re balancing their packed roadmap with the overall market downturn.

“It’s been a very hectic time for the team trying to put all the pieces together, especially with everything going on with the space regarding the general market and Solana difficulties,” explained Solice’s CEO, Christian. “Yet I’m still very proud of the team for what we have achieved so far in such a short time span, and I couldn’t be more thankful to the team and our community!”

Source: Avatars can start exploring the streets of Solice.

While the crypto market is still looking to bottom out, Solice relies on a solid foundation to focus exclusively on development – $4.36 million in funding from leading VC firms Animoca Brands, Three Arrows Capital, and others.

Along with these releases, the project sold out all the NFT land plots— the centerpiece of the Solice metaverse—two weeks ago during the public sale. Several land plots are now available for resale on the new marketplace – a 1×1 land parcel is currently trading at around 2149 $SLC. Once the game launches, landowners will be able to customize their digital property and build on top of it. Some of its uses may include starting a business, inviting friends, and hosting games and events. 

Web3Wire News will be following further developments as the project continues expanding the five islands of Solice. 

What is Solice:

Solice is a virtual reality metaverse built on Solana that allows users to play, create, own, socialize, and monetize their virtual experiences. Players in Solice’s world can collect a variety of pets, gemstones, and collectibles as NFTs, create their assets and mini-games, and build on top of their land plots. In addition, by actively participating and building in the metaverse, they can earn tokens and other rare assets for completing quests, clearing dungeons, and reaching leaderboards.

Where to find Solice:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium

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