Solice Land Presale Went Live

By Soumen DattaNFT

There will be 60,000 Lands in the Solice metaverse that can be purchased, each enclosed in a metaverse map.

Solice Land NFT Sale

Solice land presale went live on the Solice land sale site, beginning with Amoris — one of the five islands on Solice.

According to the announcement from March 29, the land comes in varied sizes – 1×1, 3×3, 6×6, 9×9, and 12×12. Each 1×1 land accounts for 16×16 meters, enough to host the Genesis NFT buildings. There will be 60,000 Lands available in the Solice metaverse, enclosed in a map forming the Solice metaverse. The presale is only open to whitelisted candidates and Genesis avatar holders for 24 hours.

“Owning a piece of Land is a surefire way for players to start building experiences in the Solice metaverse.” Solice says in the Medium article. “The Land will belong to the player forever unless sold or given away.”


Every piece of Land comes with a prebuilt terrain, but it can be customized and modified by the owner (or others they invite). There are many ways that landowners can use their land, including starting a business, inviting a friend over, staking tokens to earn rewards, and hosting games and events. 

Solice Land Sale Details at a Glance

The first wave of Solice Land sales will be available on Solice Marketplace:

• Pre-sale starts: 4 April 1 PM UTC

• Pre-sale ends: 5 April 1 PM UTC

• Public sale starts: 7 April 1 PM UTC

• Auction will be held: 7 April 1 PM UTC — 12 April 1 PM UTC

• All unsold Lands will be open to the public on the 7th of April at 1 PM UTC.

• The First Come, First Serve policy will apply.

• You can only purchase Land with the Solice native token SLC.

• Auctions will be held for the 6×6 and 9×9 land parcels.

• 12×12 land parcels will be reserved for Private sale.

Source: Illustration of land sale details

Land will be purchased randomly, with coordinates available in the name.  The auctions for 6×6 Land start at 4000 SLC, while 9×9 Land starts at 8000 SLC. Every 24 hours, three 6×6 Land parcels and one 9×9 Land parcel will be available for auction.

In appreciation of Solicians, all Genesis Avatar Holders will receive a guaranteed whitelist (WL) chance to acquire a 1×1 or 3×3 land parcel and an additional 10% discount. 

According to recent reports,  Solice has revealed that many transactions have failed during the presale. 3×3 land parcels have already been sold out.

What is Solice?

Solice is a virtual reality metaverse built on the Solana blockchain that allows users to play, create, own, socialize, and monetize their virtual experiences. Solice supports a wide range of platforms, removing the barrier of disparate hardware, software, and operating systems. As a result, people can invite and interact with their friends and family, potentially increasing the user base’s exponential growth. 

Players in Solice’s world can collect a variety of pets, gemstones, and collectibles as NFTs, create their assets and mini-games and build on top of their land plots. In addition, by actively participating and building in the metaverse, they can earn tokens and other rare assets for completing quests, clearing dungeons, and reaching leaderboards.

Where to find Solice?

Twitter |  Website |  Discord 

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