Axie Infinity Creates Competitive Integrity Council

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The PlayAndEarn blockchain gaming project’s council will be made up of seven members to oversee the integrity of the competition in the Esports scene.

PlayAndEarn Blockchain Gaming Council

A Competitive Integrity Council was established by popular crypto gaming project Axie Infinity after several players were caught with win trading last season.

It wasn’t the first time win trading occurred in Axie Infinity’s competitive season. A popular Axie streamer was caught being handed free wins at the start of the year while being at the top of the leaderboards in Season 19. With these, the Axie team has decided to form a seven-member council to oversee the Esports scene within the Axie Infinity metaverse. The team announced the council’s formation through a tweet on their Axie Esports Twitter account on April 3.

“Today, we are excited to announce the first step in creating the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council,” said the Esports arm of Axie Infinity. “This council will exist to ensure Axie Esports take place on a fair and level playing field and rule on cheating/integrity-related matters.”


The initial council will be centralized to Sky Mavis at the onset and will push to be decentralized over time as they add new members. The council will be made up of seven members, with four coming from Sky Mavis. The other three slots will be made up of an event organizer, and Axie Infinity pro player, and an elected member. The four Sky Mavis members are Axie head of Esports, Andrew Campbell, Esports manager Stewart Love, and Axie support team members, Oxaciano and pos2. Event organizer Bill Elafros and four-time Axie Arena Champion Indes are the two community members. The final member will be elected from a list of people who volunteered.

“The purpose of this council will be to ensure Axie Esports take place on a fair and level playing field, by investigating and rulong on integrity-related matters like win-trading, cheating, throwing, etc.,” Andrew Campbell said in a discord announcement. “We will do our best to be transparent and clear with our rulings and investigations as we are building in view of the public eye.”

The seventh member of the council will be voted upon to decide who will be elected to serve in the council of the year. The nominees for the seventh member are Steve Woody of undisputed Noobs, Xero of Metat8 Esports, Filipino streamer and cosplayer, Een Mercado, Community Gaming’s head of sales and partnership, Greg Laird, and EduMock of Proof Of Game. The council will serve for an initial term of 1 year with a chance for re-election. Details on the mechanics of re-election will be decided in the future.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a virtual world centered on Pokémon-like creatures known as Axies. Axies can be collected as virtual pets by players who want to battle, breed, collect, raise, and build kingdoms for their Axies. What distinguishes Axie Infinity from other online games is its synergy between traditional online gaming and blockchain. The Ethereum-based game employs a design that allows players to own their virtual assets and rewards players who achieve an advanced skill level.

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