Solana Riptide Global Hackathon Winners Announced

The event involved almost 7000 participants completing 550 final projects divided across six categories.

Solana Ventures Announces Winners

As a recent development, Solana Ventures has announced the winners of the Riptide Hackathon, which took place between February 2 and March 17 across multiple categories. 

Solana shared the list of winners through Twitter and an accompanying article on its website on April 13. The Riptide hackathon is Solana’s fifth, but it is the first one since the Solana Hacker Houses that attracted builders worldwide. From payments to DeFi, gaming, DAOs sectors, and everything in between, crypto developers and pioneers worldwide participated in the Riptide hackathon. Almost 7000 participants completed 550 final projects over the course of the event. In addition to Solana Ventures, there were other prime sponsors for the global hackathon event: Google, Visa, Jump Crypto, Samsung Next, MonkeDAO, and Mango, who offered up to $5 million in prizes and seed funding to participants.

“I’m thrilled to see the projects that have started building on Solana during Riptide,” said Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs. “From payments to governance, games to finance to web3, the builders in the Solana ecosystem are paving the way for mass adoption of blockchain technology.”


Solana Riptide Hackathon Winners

The winners of the event were chosen from different categories that include payments, DeFi, Web3, Gaming, DAOs, and Community. Even though some of the projects didn’t win prizes, they were recognized as honorable mentions. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the winners:

1. Grand Champion: 

The winner of the Grand Champion prize is Cronos, an on-chain task scheduler that allows users to schedule instructions. In addition, they also won passes to attend Breakpoint, the annual Solana conference in Lisbon scheduled for Nov. 4-7, 2022, where they can present their project.

You may check out their presentation to learn what they are working on:

2.Winners in Payment track: 

First place in the Payments track went to mtnPay, a suite of payment solutions that includes an iOS point-of-sale app, which won $50,000 in USDC.

Additional awards were given to:

Second: Tiplink is a single-link payment solution.

Third: Commerce DAO, a fully integrated web3 commerce payment stack, comes in third.

Fourth: NiftyPay, a tool that allows creators to add NFT-linked access to real-world events.

Fifth:  Elfo Protocol, which is a subscription payment protocol.

Honorable Mentions: DockIt, Dona, Elusiv, Hukka, Phoria, Radiant Pay, and YamiPay.

3. Winners in DeFi Track:

Otter Cash, a privacy layer for Solana, took first place in the DeFi track, earning a $50,000 USDC prize.

Additional awards were given to:

Second:  Advent, a fixed-rate borrow/lend protocol with concentrated liquidity.

Third: Million Finance, a self-balancing, non-custodial index fund that also generates yield.

Fourth: OptiFi, a derivatives DEX with a portfolio-based margining strategy and a partial liquidations engine.

Fifth: zkSwap, a zero-knowledge AMM.

Honorable mentions: Accrue Finance, Akura, Bucket, Coherence, Cellfi, Dcaf Drip, Drip Protocol, Ottr.Finance, Neptune, and Nirvana.

4. Winners in Web3 track: 

Wordcel, a decentralized publishing stack that allows creators to publish, distribute, and monetize their work on-chain, took first place in the Web3 track, earning a $50,000 USDC prize.

Additional awards were given to:

Second: Crossmint, a SDK that enables NFT creators to accept credit card payments.

Third: Tensor, a protocol that provides robust pricing data on NFTs.

Fourth: RealityCoin, a protocol that encourages people to make real-world maps for the metaverse.

Fifth: DeGit, a decentralized Git repository.

Honorable mentions: Cambrian, Cardinal, FrodoBots, SolanaFM Explorer, Subber, Trdelník, and Windex.

5. Winners in Gaming Track: 

Strangemood, a decentralized gaming platform, and marketplace that allows users to build their storefronts, took first place in the Gaming track, earning a $50,000 USDC prize.

Additional awards were given to:

Second: Rogue Star, a futuristic, space shooter-inspired MMORPG.

Third: SolRace, a drive-to-earn racing game.

Fourth: LadderCaster, a DAO-based NFT strategy game.

Fifth: Badbeat Poker, an NFT-powered poker community.

Honorable mentions: Bondsai, City of Legends, EnchaNFT Protocol, Race Poker, Solantasy.

6. Winners in DAOs Track: 

First place in the DAOs track went to Strata Launchpad, a protocol that allows users to easily launch their tokens, which won $50,000 in USDC. Find out what Strata Protocol is up to in this earlier article from Web3 Wire.

Additional awards were given to:

Second: Slide, a DAO expense management tool.

Third: Gilder, a platform that allows users to interact with DAOs via a mobile app.

Fourth: Tokr, an open-source protocol for real-world financing assets.

Fifth:, a decentralized social media platform.

Honorable mentions: Notifi, RoundTable.

7. Winners in Community Track:

The Community Choice award went to ReadON, a project that uses GameFi incentives to encourage a reading lifestyle. ReadON received a $10,000 USDC prize.

Many other Solana ecosystem members sponsored Company Prizes for outstanding integrations. You can find the complete winners list in the community awards category here.

The Riptide Global Hackathon event was a massive success and an exceptional achievement for the Solana community as we saw some very creative projects win awards. We at Web3 Wire congratulate all the winners of the Solana Riptide hackathon and wish them the best of luck, and hope they will be bringing exciting updates to the community in the coming days. You may also browse through all the project submissions in the Riptide Public Directory here.

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