CompendiumFi Announce Strategic Partnership with Alameda Research

The partnership may well be the first step in establishing $CMFI as an important listing for top-tier exchanges. 

Strategic Partnership Confirmed

CompendiumFi has officially announced its new strategic partnership with Alameda Research; the move is likely to aid the team in its goal of creating synergetic relationships with leading exchanges. 

The exciting announcement was confirmed via Twitter and Medium on April 12. The new partnership will aid CompendiumFi in ensuring efficient trading markets for its token $CMFI through liquidity and market-making strategies. In addition, the team understands that partnering with market-leading service providers like Alameda Research will have an impact on the willingness of premier exchanges to list $CMFI. Web3Wire reached out to CompendiumFi for further comment:

“The Compendium Finance ecosystem shares great overlap with many different Alameda product offerings. We’re excited to work with a top-tier team on establishing healthy and efficient secondary markets for our native $CMFI token as our exchange listing strategies start to mature and come to fruition,” The CompendiumFi team exclusively revealed to Web3Wire

Alameda Research is a highly reliable name in the industry, and one of the goals for the team would be to utilize the expertise they offer in establishing the $CMFI token. The partnership certainly signals a great deal of excitement, and Web3Wire will be following the developments closely.


As CompendiumFi emphasizes in their Medium announcement, they intend to bring value to the community by recognizing and listing $CMFI on top exchanges. Behind the token is a broad range of products that will be important for users and the broader space.

“Our philosophy is to not just list $CMFI on an exchange but to create a synergetic relationship with leading exchanges by offering our comprehensive suite of automated and algorithmic trading tools for their users,” the team commented in their Medium announcement.

Learn more about CompendiumFi through Web3Wire’s YouTube Live Stream below. The team touched critical areas of the protocol’s ecosystem, ensuring that users understand its unique offerings–a suite of trading tools on Solana. Other topics include their background, how the ideas came about, the upcoming products on CompendiumFi, and more.

What is CompendiumFi?

Compendium Finance is a platform built on Solana that creates a “compendium” of trading tools for numerous ecosystems within one user-friendly application. In addition, the project combines integrations for Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platforms, enabling many users to benefit from tools and features unavailable to the public. 

Where to find Compendium Finance:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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