Solana Co-Founder Responds to Fears After Another Network Outage

The blockchain suffered another outage on Tuesday, which caused confusion amongst users.

Solana Outage Surfaces Again

Solana has endured its third outage incident in the space of months. Questions pertaining to the most recent outage remain, but function has returned to normal. 

Whether the cause was down to a network clog or a distributed denial-of-service (DDos) attack was unclear. With the community in somewhat of a panic, rumors circulated regarding a DDoS attack before Solana Co-Founder Anatoly Yakovenko responded unequivocally via Twitter on January 5:

“..sorry that’s not at all what happened. There was some congestion due to mis metered transitions, and some users experienced their txs timing out and had to retry.” 


The rumors in circulation came about as a result of a Greyscale security report in December 2021, citing the dangers in the use of new technology.

“The Solana consensus mechanism uses a new blockchain technology that is not widely used, and may not function as intended. There may be flaws in the cryptography underlying the network, including flaws that affect the functionality of the Solana Network or make the network vulnerable to attack.”

The particular quote from the general report should be understood in the context of what is otherwise an extremely encouraging document, but fears were still evident.

These initial worries were emphatically quashed by Yakovenko, but the infrequent outages will be of concern for the Solana community. Scalability over stability is not a phrase that will sit well with any developer worth his craft. However, another side of this particular quandary will underline that Solana’s incredible usage will throw up issues of this sort, and the effectiveness of their response should be noteworthy and comforting.

The chain remains at the top of many a crypto enthusiasts’ list for 2022, and the hope will be that it can continue to live up to the exceptional praise and success it has enjoyed in the previous year. 

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