Jupiter Becomes the Go-To DEX Aggregator on Solana

Jupiter has been becoming the go-to DEX aggregator, and can now be integrated into projects such as Defi Land & Mango Markets.

The Desirable DEX Aggregator on Solana

Quickly becoming touted as the best swap aggregator on Solana, Jupiter has been relentlessly innovative.

With the release of Jupiter SDK v1.0-beta, the project hopes to capitalize on an engine that has powered more than 3 billion in swaps since its launch just two months ago. 

“Developers can now access over 10 DEXes, thousands of markets, more than 6Bn in liquidity with a single SDK,” the team explained in a tweet on December 23. “Functions include fetching all available tokens, finding the best routes, executing the swap instantly, platform fees, and caching. Best of all? It’s trivially easy.”


Simplistic and more detailed guides to using Jupiter Core have been made available by the project. The prerequisite to installing is a minimum of Node.js 16 and the Solana Web3 library. 

The hope for the project is that they can keep attracting talent and, by consequence, investment as a result of making available the very best tools on the chain.

“Like how we strive to make our UX as easy and seamless as possible to users, our goal is to deliver an SDK for developers to achieve their goals in the simplest way possible,” the team explained via Twitter. “We would love for you to join our discord and give your feedback or requests!”

What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a key liquidity aggregator for Solana, offering the widest range of tokens and best route discovery between any token pair.

They aim to provide the most friendly UX for users and the most powerful tools for developers to allow them to easily access the best-in-class swap in their application, interface or on-chain programs.

Source: Solana News

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