Sky Mavis Cracks Down On Axie Infinity Violators

About 24,000 Axies across approximately 10,000 Ronin accounts were identified violating the terms of service and got banned in the latest ban wave done by the Sky Mavis team.

Spirit of Fair Play on Axie

Sky Mavis, developers of popular P2E game Axie Infinity, cracked down on violators to their terms of service

In the past months, Sky Mavis rolled out some changes to the overall gameplay that decreased potential earnings from botters. They lowered the maximum PvE SLP gain to 50 and removed SLP earnings for trainers with an MMR under 800––a level reached when you randomly play cards (like what a bot would do). 

And now, in an announcement on November 19 through the official Axie Discord group, ProgrammaticallyPull, the team’s Ecosystem Support Director, reported that about 24,000 Axies owned by around 10,000 Ronin accounts got banned for violating Axie’s Terms of Service. 

“Today, we regret to report that we have banned ~24,000 Axies across ~10,000 Ronin accounts. To reiterate, any attempts to alter the devices you play the game from are a clear violation of our terms of service.  We will continue to work hard to protect the efforts of the millions of Lunacians who honestly contribute to our community.” ProgramaticallyPull announced through discord.


According to the Axie Infinity terms of service, players are not allowed to access the site or game through non-human means, play on multiple accounts within a 24 hour time window, or manipulate the game in any way. The terms of service are an agreement between the Axie Infinity team and the player. Those caught violating this agreement risk their Axies, the capital of their investments, getting banned.

Botters are a major problem for any game. Trainers resort to botting to save time from playing the game itself and just allow their programs to farm the rewards. Some also do it to buy certain Axies that get listed on the marketplace instantly.

Botters take the fun out of the game by giving those who can create the programs an unfair advantage. Most importantly, it is a constant source of frustration to the community members who play within the rules. 

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