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Fancy Diamonds is a project inspired by a strong passion for gaming and NFTs, offering users one of the best collections on the Solana network.

What is Fancy Diamonds? 

Fancy Diamonds is a project inspired by a strong passion for the gaming/fantasy world. Built on the Solana network, the protocol creates and distributes something unique for the entire Non-Fungible Token (NFT) space. With its special NFT collections, the protocol has a long-term goal of connecting gaming and NFTs. 

Fancy Diamonds will launch unique NFTs inspired by fantasy and built on the Solana network. The Fancy Diamonds NFT is a collection of 2,500 distinctly crafted diamonds on the blockchain certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the world’s leading authority on colored stones, diamonds, and pearls across every continent. 

Thus, each unique diamond NFTs is graded against the GIA scale for fancy colored diamonds and will be available to purchase via the NFT marketplace. The NFTs will exist in different colors, excellent cuts, and flawless appearance based on the GIA scale. 

A sample of the Fancy Diamonds NFT collection

Two-Point Development Agenda 

As stated earlier, Fancy Diamonds is a Solana-based project with a passion for gaming and NFTs. With this in mind, the protocol wants to accomplish two main things to continue its development in the NFT and gaming space. 

Bridge The Gap Between NFT and Gaming Worlds

Numerous NFT collectors have an interest in the gaming industry. However, not many gamers interact with NFTs due to the lack of competent projects and knowledge. As such, NFTs are seen as illegitimate by many gaming communities. The Fancy Diamonds team will tackle this issue by developing a platform where users can relate gaming and NFTs effectively. 

Create a Culture of Luxury and Opulence

Fancy Diamonds wants to create a unique feeling for its NFT holders. The protocol wants holders to feel like they are walking into the jewelry store to get the finest items. Going with diamonds based on the GIA scale ensures holders have the best quality items with distinctive art. 

The project will utilize both points to develop a unique NFT and gaming ecosystem in the right direction. 

Tokenomics Based on the Melting Pot 

The melting pot is a token-based rewards system for holders. Here is how it works: 

The melting pot comprises 70% of aftermarket royalties and 5% mint revenue stored in a treasury. 

Based on a community vote, the treasury is used to buy other NFT collections in five different price points. 

These NFTs are uploaded onto the protocol’s rewards redemption shop. 

The protocol’s native $ICE token will be airdropped to holders daily. The $ICE token is used to purchase NFTs from the marketplace/shop and can be used to redeem other rewards. 

Token Ticker: ICE 

Token Supply: 42,069,420

Airdrop Rewards: 15 $ICE airdropped daily per fancy diamond held. 

Overview of the melting pot | Source

NFT Minting Event 

The NFT minting event will go live on November 22nd at 1 AM UTC, and 2500 unique NFTs will be minted. Solana News tweeted the details of the event on November 18th. 

“In an overly saturated #NFT space, we have to look hard to find gems like @fancydiamondSOL. Their art is so different and so visually pleasing! Their mint is coming up on Nov 22, 1 AM UTC, with 2500 supply and 0.5 SOL cost. Do not miss this spot,” the tweet read.

From the Fancy Diamonds’ website, each NFT will cost 0.5 SOL, and users stand a chance to obtain the finest collections on Solana. 


Building a Strong Ecosystem with Multiple Features 

Moving forward, Fancy Diamonds will launch a merch store. The merch will contain clothes that everyone can wear. The protocol will closely work with designers to produce dope streetwear aesthetics, ensuring that the merchandise is top quality like its NFT collections. 

In addition, Fancy Diamonds will not limit itself to just an NFT collection and a merch store. Instead, the project will expand to offer holders more value. Thus, the Solana-based NFT project would collaborate with other creators to launch new features and design new generations in the future. 

Last Words 

A love for gaming and fantasy heavily inspires Fancy Diamonds. The protocol plans to onboard pro gamers, content creators/influencers, developers, and conferences for holders interested in a career in the gaming space. In short, the project wants to bridge the gap between gaming and NFT while providing the best experience for holders. 

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