Shadowy Super Coders Surpass Solana Monkey Business

The NFTs have proved to be a hugely profitable mint for initial investors.

Shadowy Super Coders Lead NFT Ranks

Shadowy Super Coders have risen through the ranks to lead the Solana NFT charts by market cap. 

With the $SHDW token IDO launching with success, seeing a rise from an initial mint price of $1.73 to $2.90 within 24 hours, SSC NFT holders will have been left smiling. Token emissions for SSC NFT holders mean that holders end up receiving around 13,000 $SHDW on a yearly basis, and at the current price of $1.61 per SHDW on CoinMarketCap—that represents a tidy income. 

The emphasis for investors has been on the potential of GenesysGo to play a pivotal role within the Solana ecosystem. This has led to a generally bullish sentiment for $SHDW in the market and GenesysGo.


Investors like DBF8.sol on Twitter have already been busy crafting a spreadsheet that readily calculates the potential of your Shadowy Super Coder NFT to yield significant profit on a yearly basis. 

As GenesysGo and its Shadow Protocol flood the Solana ecosystem and provide infrastructure to the Solana community, the token price is likely to reflect the important role it will play. To simplify its role, Genesys Go describes itself as: 

“..the infrastructure provider of RPC and Validator services on the Solana network.”

While there may be fears about daily emissions from SSC’s bringing down the $SHDW price in future, investors should be aware that the tokens emitted daily for the next year represent less than 0.20% of the total supply of SHDW tokens that will ever exist. 

For the moment, it is easy to see why Shadowy Super Coders continue to dominate NFT rankings on Solana. We look forward to tracking the progress of the project and consequently its token price reflection. 

If you are looking for more information, look no further than a recent DeFi Direct Livestream. Frank Mathis, co-founder and CEO of GenesysGo, joined Greg, Goon Trades, on December 30 for a full deep dive on the Shadowy Super Coders IDO and their role within the GenesysGo apparatus, and ultimately the vision for the whole Solana ecosystem.

What is GenesysGo?

GenesysGo is the Solana-based infrastructure provider of RPC and validator services within the ecosystem. The protocol’s objective is to assist developers in building and scaling their projects based on the Solana blockchain by providing the ecosystem’s developers with low-cost developer support and Mainnet RPC resources.

Find more about GenesysGo here:

Website | Twitter | IDO Site | Discord | 

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