Port Finance Core Developer Comes to DeFi Direct

One of the fastest-growing protocols on Solana will grace the DeFi Direct Youtube channel.

DeFi Direct Welcomes Port Finance 

DeFi Direct Livestream gears up for another top Solana-based protocol on Thursday, January 13th at 15:00 UTC. The latest arrival is Port Finance, the first non-custodial Liquidity protocol that facilitates the provision of an entire suite of money market products on Solana. 

Since launching in May 2021, Port Finance has witnessed a meteoric rise in the Solana ecosystem. The protocol recently unveiled its series A fundraising round, raising 5.3M to continue developing and become an integral part of Solana’s liquidity layer. In addition, the protocol has also established new partnerships and added new features. 

The YouTube Livestream promises to be an exciting event as Co-Founder of DeFi Direct, GoonTrades interviews Gabriel Wong from the Core Team. 

Recall that the Livestream will be held on January 13th at 15:00 UTC via the Defi Direct YouTube channel. Save the date and ensure that you don’t miss this for anything!


Who is Gabriel Wong

Gabriel is a member of the Port Finance Core Team. He got into crypto in 2017 as a trader before moving into work on open-source projects. Wong previously worked at global tech companies such as Google and has contributed to the Ethereum DeFi and Solana DeFi ecosystems. The core team around Wong is small, as few as four people. The core members met while studying Computer Science at Imperial College in London. Each member comes with a technical background having previously worked at large global companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other top-tier trading firms.

What is Port Finance

Port Finance is a lending platform that brings interest rate markets to Solana. The protocol leverages Solana’s high speed and low latency to provide a product suite that includes variable rate lending, fixed-rate lending, and interest rate swaps. 

Port Finance focuses on leveraging Solana’s technological advancements and the Serum ecosystem to bring lending products that are difficult to implement on Ethereum. 

Where to find Port Finance 

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium 

Source : solana.news

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