Sentre Protocol V2 Goes Live

The Solana-based liquidity protocol works on feedback from the community and comes back with V2 of the SenOS.

Community Feedback Incorporated on V2

Sentre Protocol has launched an update for the Sen OS DApp solution.

The protocol made the announcement of Sentre v2 launch via Twitter on January 8, adding that the latest version of the protocol incorporates the comments and feedback from the users about the previous version. V2 of the protocol spearheads the migration of SenOS to Sen Hub. Although Sen Hub is a new version of the protocol, it is essentially still an operating system that enables dApps.

“Sentre Mainnet V2.0 is a lot different from its predecessor, V1.0. We understand that, and to further aid our developers, the team at Sentre created a Sandbox exclusively for the DApp integration tests,” stated the official Medium blog explaining the new version. “To bring more attractive and risk-proof investing strategies to Sentizens, the team decided to release an all-new feature called Sen Booster. Sen Booster widget can be accessible through the Sen LP feature.”

Source: Sentre Twitter

The Sen Hub gets a new facelift with a “high-tech, 3D look” and a new set of documents on Github that helps users by supplying them with toolchains and resources. The newly launched sandbox will help users get used to Sentre Mainnet 2.0 and exclusively run dApp integration tests. The protocol has also announced its own cross-chain bridge that is built on top of Wormhole. This bridge will enable the protocol’s products, Sen Swap and Sen Assets.

What is Sentre Protocol?

Sentre is an open liquidity protocol designed for the Solana blockchain network. The protocol aims to launch an all-in-one solution for decentralized applications (dApps), initially launched as an operating system (OS) designed for dApps with an efficient liquidity mechanism from an automated market maker (AMM) that allows both for dual and triad token pools.

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