Dexlab Staking Goes Live on Solana

The move registers another important checkpoint in the project’s development at a pivotal moment in the general market sentiment.

Staking Season Begins for Dexlab

Dexlab Stake Season 1 is officially live and available for users to utilize. 

After an important year of progress and providing transparency in a space where it is much-needed, Dexlab has reached another milestone. The project team confirmed the development on January 10 via their official webpage and Twitter. The hope will be that the benefits on offer will attract further interest and investment in a project that continues to move forward. 


Benefits of Staking on Dexlab

General rewards from staking will be distributed seasonally, with several other benefits alongside. 

The team has outlined the following rewards on their website:

APR Throughout Staking

Guaranteed Airdrop Event Allocation

Ticket for Dexlab IDO Sale Ranking Pool Participation

Increase chances of Winning in IDO Sale Standard Pool 

Dexlab New Service Pre-Test Lottery Ticket

How valuable these rewards turn out to be will rely on the project’s continued progress. This move certainly registers a step in the right direction and user interest will be gauged in the coming weeks.

What is Dexlab?

Dexlab is a decentralized exchange where Solana projects can mint and list their tokens. The DEX platform provides a GUI to issue and expand Solana-based tokens without code. In addition, it makes use of Serum DEX’s central order book to support ultra-fast transactions, shared liquidity, and new monetization features. In summary, Dexlab offers the following features: 

Open access to anyone

Sleek interface with user options

Supports issuance of tokens and management via GUI. 

IDO platform fully accessible to any user. 

Application Program Interface (API) is scalable for system trading. 

Where to find Dexlab:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | 

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