Genopets partners with Merit Circle

Over 200,000 US Dollars worth of co-branded habitats in the Genoverse was purchased for Merit Circle’s scholarship programs.

Merit Circle Investing in Move to Earn

Move to Earn blockchain game, Genopets announces partnership with Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Merit Circle.

Habitats are NFTs needed to earn from the Solana based project. Merit Circle, a play to earn focused DAO, invests 200,000 US Dollars in co-branded habitats in Genopets’ Genoverse to be used in their scholarship program. The announcement was made through twitter and attached a medium post to the tweet on December 6 UTC.

“Excited to announce our next guild partnership with Merit Circle, an early backer of our team from the start. This partnership expands on our vision to bridge digital and physical worlds through Move-to-Earn, reaching scholars around the world and rewarding them for taking care of themselves while taking care of their Genopets.” Albert Chen, Co-founder & CEO of Genopets, said through the medium post.


Ki Tokens are the currency that players can earn in the Genoverse. Habitats are needed to maximize the earning potential of Ki Tokens in the Genoverse, as well as gaining access to  crafting and other aspects of the game. Guilds play an important role in unlocking the full potential of the game as they have the resources to afford higher tier habitats that their members can use. The Genopets team understands this importance and identified growth opportunities in the guild model. Asset management, recruitment, and education are the growth areas further discussed in their medium post.

What is Merit Circle?

Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization that focuses on investing in play to earn games. The guild currently has over 1500 scholars participating in their profit sharing scholarship programs. Current operations include scholars in popular blockchain game Axie Infinity, and Vulcan Forged. The guild also lists nine other games, including Genopets, as part of their future operations. The purchase of the habitats furthers Merit Circle’s play to earn operations to live up to their goal of “creating a new era to earn through play”.

“We’re really excited to provide our gamers with habitats that enable them to not only earn KI Token but also to get their daily movement. In a world that’s rapidly becoming more digital, we love to mix things up with a game like Genopets. We look forward to seeing which skills our gamers focus on leveling first!” — Marco van den Heuvel, Co-Founder & CEO of Merit Circle, was quoted in Genopet’s medium post.

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