Rogue Pandas Team Gives Insight Into Their NFT Project

The Solana-based team joined us for an AMA where they shared their backstory, features, and future plans.

Rogue Pandas Shares Their Backstory

On January 7th, Solana-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project Rogue Pandas joined us for an AMA. The project revealed that they are based out of Australia, and that the project was borne out of a husband/wife (Rish and Raashi) duo with an interest in business and art respectively.

Raashi (the artist) explained why the duo felt they would succeed as creators in the space.

“A couple who has, you know, one  person who’s in IT and one person who is in art would always be more confident being on the creator side. So that’s when we decided let’s be creators,” she explained. 

The Rogue Pandas team also explained how their gambling metaverse would work, with NFTs and full decentralization driving the project.

The team also revealed how their upcoming mint would proceed and why they chose to not have a whitelist, believing it would increase availability and sales.

Art Style

Raashi then discussed her history in creating art, stemming from her experience in architecture as well as her love of drawing from her childhood. She detailed that to avoid feeling like a copy-paste project, she drew inspiration from the ethereum project Poly Penguins.

“I really liked their art. It was nice and clean, but you know what was the most important part of it? It was not a very copy and pasted kind of project. It was very unique and rare so it had its own identity. And that’s what inspired me to draw something like this as well,” Raashi stated. 

Big Incentives

Rish then explained how the project was able to hold such large giveaways. He revealed that because their team was small and only had a handful of backing investors, they were able to flow more funding to the giveaways.

He also explained how the project planned to circumvent minting and dumping, with extensive rewards for holders compared to sale value. Their timeline for giveaways will be weekly starting directly after the mint.

The Casino

Our host Tom then inquired about the Casino that the Rogue Pandas platform is developing. The team discussed how the game will be built in Unreal Engine 4 to provide a visually-appealing experience. 

Rish also explained that the Casino will let players serve as both the gambler and the house; there is no need to wait for other players to play, and even if you lose you can get back 50% of the proceeds from house profits to recoup your loss.

The team also explained their token will be released through their exchange, meaning all rewards can be exchanged instantaneously. 

Why a Female-Led Project?

The duo explained that their reasoning for having the project identified as a female-led project was to increase accessibility for women in the space. Rish noted that it was often easy for him to have crypto conversations with community members, but that there was an unfair stigma surrounding women in the space. 

“Women can do anything these days. They’ve been running successful businesses and there should be more in the crypto space as well because I think it’s the future,” he noted. “Like even the crypto space, we need to promote it, like you’ll be amazed how many good artists are just sitting around just because, you know, they think they’re not going to make it, and we need to promote it like we are all gonna make it.”

By having their project be identifiable as woman-led, the Rogue Pandas team hopes to inspire more women to become involved in the space and show off their talents. 

About Rogue Pandas

Rogue Pandas is a Solana-based NFT project with a focus on high-quality art and rewarding incentives for holders. Along with the potential to stake the NFTs to earn passive income, holders have a chance to win big in giveaways – including three Tesla electric vehicles!

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