Project Eluüne Releases Whitepaper

Eluüne refers to a mysterious entity that sent a distress signal to humans from a hidden world, known as Eleriah.

The Unwinding of a Metaverse

Project Eluüne recently released its whitepaper, detailing what the team will be bringing in the coming days.

The term Eluüne refers to a mysterious entity that sent a distress signal to humans from a hidden world, according to the whitepaper released on May 2. Known as Eleriah, this world of magic and technology is packed with an amazing life and a long, rich history. As you traverse the metaverse, you will see a shattered, seemingly war-torn world needing humanity’s help. 

The goal is to arrive on these deserted islands, join one of the Guilds, and begin unraveling the mysteries of Eluüne’s broken world. You acknowledge this mission upon joining the Lüne Legion and agree to work collaboratively and strategically with your Guild to accomplish this goal. 

“Through our games, we will introduce the larger legacy gaming community to a universe that’s enhanced, but not dominated, by blockchain,” Project Eluüne mentions in the whitepaper. “Using the Free-to-Play model and enhancing it with blockchain, we are taking a mass-market approach that does not force players to have any knowledge of blockchain at the onset of the player experience; players don’t need a wallet to start playing the game.”


The game will commence with the StarGarden game. StarGarden is a Guild versus Environment and Guild versus Guild auto-battler RPG for PC and Mobile. However, StarGarden is the name given to the fragments of land floating around in the Universe of Project Eluüne. 

One StarGarden will be your tribe’s home base and its social hub. It grows as your tribe completes quests and wins TvT battles. You can also use the StarGarden to strategize with your team, optimize your creatures, and show off to other tribes. Guilds or Tribes, made up of 5-40 players, are essential to success in the core gameplay loop. A Guild must strategically place its Creatures on the arena board to win each Quest.

The whitepaper release is receiving a lot of positive feedback from the community, as some appreciate the art the team includes, while others enjoy the well-written report.

Eluüne Stargarden’s and More

Project Eluüne’s Stargardens are available for purchase on Magic Eden, with a listed count of 101 and a floor price of 7.50 SOL, at the time of writing. After the whitepaper was published, the floor price of Stargarden jumped to 7.50 SOL from 3 SOL within 24 hours, showing a massive rise for the project. 


Project Eluüne will utilize Unity as the video game engine to provide an optimal experience across multiple platforms. Web3Wire will bring more updates on Project Eluüne once more details appear. As of now, read the whitepaper to find out more about the project.

Where to find Project Eluüne:

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