Phantom Launches Android App

The move is likely to bring a massive influx of users both to the product and the larger Solana ecosystem. 

Android App Launch

Phantom, dubbed as the fastest growing crypto and NFT wallet, has officially announced the launch its Android app after a successful beta launch that saw over 50,000 users take part. 

The hugely popular wallet exclusively revealed to Web3Wire that users on Android, the most used OS globally, will now be able to access their product. The release will also see Phantom add features such as push notifications and information regarding transaction history, alongside improvements to all-around performance, the team explained. 

“We are excited to expand the capabilities of Phantom wallet further into the mobile ecosystem,” said Brandon Millman, CEO of Phantom. “With the high demand of Android users anticipating the mobile release, it is important that we continue to offer a high level of performance, usability, and security.”


The updates regarding transaction history will allow users to understand better the data around NFT transactions, token swaps, dApp interactions, and sending and receiving tokens. Besides the above, iOS apps will also be able to:

“[…]natively interact with Phantom through either universal links or deep links through Phantom’s Deep Linking API, a functionality that will be extended to Android during the release of our Android wallet,” Phantom’s exclusive press release detailed.  

Before this important release, Phantom was already making waves. Earlier, Phantom was given access to OpenSea after initial rumours were confirmed and a string of useful partnerships highlighting Phantom’s big plans. In addition, phantom’s Series B funding, led by Paradigm, raised around $109 million and also served to underline the product’s status- bringing its valuation to $1.2 billion.

The team confirmed to Web3Wire that Since its launch, Phantom has exceeded 2 million users and continues to be the most user-friendly Solana wallet for staking SOL, swapping tokens, and making Non-Fungible tokens (NFT), DeFI, and app transactions. In the coming year, the team will be adopting a multi-chain strategy and is planning on an expansion before the end of the year. The future, by all accounts, appears to be multi-chain.

Users can now download the Phantom Android app here.

What is the Phantom Wallet

The Phantom Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet built on the Solana blockchain. It offers a safe and easy way to conduct your crypto transactions. It allows for token swaps and SOL staking straight from the wallet. The integration with Moonpay adds another layer of convenience to users of the Phantom wallet as a way to directly add funds to the blockchain.

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