Delta One Launches With Solana Delta-Neutral Vaults

Delta One worked with top-tier hedge funds to optimize one-click yield strategies.

No More Impermanent Loss?

Delta One, a Solana-based protocol offering set-and-forget yield strategies, launched to its waitlist of over 100,000 farmers.

The protocol announced the release on April 18 via Twitter, introducing the lending vaults and the long-awaited delta-neutral yield farming vaults. During the last months, the team allegedly worked closely with Saber and developed programs that integrate with Saber, Raydium, and Orca, some of Solana´s biggest DeFi platforms.

“We are excited about our lending vaults because they serve as some of the highest yield sources for lending in the Solana ecosystem. We are even more excited about our delta-neutral farming vaults, which abstract out some highly complex trading strategies into a single click,” shared the team on their announcement blog. “Without Delta One, this process requires hours of active management on a daily basis to maximize gains.”

Source: Some of the yield farming vaults offer up to 415% APY

Delta One believes automated asset management strategies are the only way DeFi can reach mass adoption. With this in mind, the new vaults bring two innovative primitives to Solana and DeFi at large. Firstly, the delta-neutral yield strategies hedge the risk of adverse price changes in users’ portfolios. Secondly, the platform developed DeFi’s first auto-rebalancing tool to minimize the effect of impermanent loss.

Those interested in trying out the vaults can join Delta One’s Discord to keep up-to-date with the whitelist policy. In addition, the team prepared a doc outlining some of the risks inherent to any new protocol.

What is Delta One:

Delta One offers delta-neutral yield generating structured products on Solana. A delta-neutral portfolio utilizes multiple positions with balancing positive and negative deltas so that the overall delta of the assets in question totals zero. Delta-neutral and impermanent loss free farming markets allow hedge funds and retail investors to price their risk and easily hedge away unwanted exposure in liquidity provision.

Find more about Delta One here:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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