Phantasia Sports Launches Fantasy Sports app for Mass Adoption

Phantasia Sports features Free-to-Play Fantasy sports competitions for NFL Football, NBA Basketball, and EPL Football (Soccer) in three different game modes.

Phantasia Sports App for iOS and Android

Phantasia Sports, a free-to-play fantasy sports platform, has launched its mobile app, providing users with a seamless experience on the go.

Phantasia Sports made the announcement with a tweet from March 30 where they informed that the app is available on iOS and Android. According to the announcement, this would be the first blockchain-based fantasy sports app with a native mobile version across android and apple stores where players can participate in daily contests. Users can participate in fantasy sports competitions for NFL Football, NBA Basketball, and EPL Football (Soccer) in three different game modes. 

– Winner Takes All: Highest score wins the entire prize

– 50-50: Top 50% of participants win the same prize

– In The Money: Top participants win prizes based on rank

“Majority of fantasy sports users prefer playing fantasy sports on mobile. Having a mobile app for a consumer product is integral for mass consumer adoption,” Dan, Product lead at Phantasia told Web3Wire. “We are proud to be one of the first Solana apps with a native mobile version across android and apple stores”.


The app allows you to create your wallet by providing your mobile number. Furthermore, you can withdraw NFTs and prizes immediately as well.

“The priority was to get the app released on both Android and Apple stores. From there, we will iterate and add more features to the app like the Phanbot builder,” Dan told Web3 Wire about adding more features. 

In addition, Phantasia Sports will launch a baseball game for the upcoming MLB season. Accordion to Dan, the goal is to offer all mainstream sports on the Phantasia protocol. Phantasia will also launch paid-for contests in the near future, in allowed jurisdictions, as many users have requested. 

You may also check out what Dan has to say about Phantasy Sports in a  Youtube live stream with Greg Gotsis, Co-founder of Web3Wire News.

You can download the Phantasia app here:

For iOS

For Android

What is Phantasia Sports?

Phantasia is a Solana-based fantasy sports platform. The platform’s goal is to provide users with an all-in-one fantasy sports experience for various sports such as American Football, Soccer, and basketball.

Users can create their own Fantasy Sports leagues and host them as public or private tournaments. This use case may be of interest to NFT projects, as they can host private tournaments for their community. Phantasia uses NFT technology to revolutionize Fantasy Sports in-game identities. 

Users have complete control over their profile’s look, and items can be sold on secondary markets (not in the app). Additionally, you can unlock AI-powered tools to help you set rosters in these NFTs.

The platform allows for traditional fantasy sports while putting the league in the hands of the players. The Phantasia model is a Play To Earn game where users can participate in contests to earn the FANT token. The platform is based on the idea of club owners who create private or public fantasy leagues. 

The FANT token is useful because it unlocks features for club owners and anyone who joins their leagues. The FANT token also governs the Phantasia DAO. The DAO decides how to spend the treasury and prioritizes the Phantasia protocol’s development.

Learn more about Phantasia:


Website | Twitter |  Discord

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