A Look Into Solsteads, Citizens, and Taiyo´s Metaverse Plans

After seeing massive success with Taiyo Robotics, Solport is looking to invest $9M in different crypto projects.

Solport´s Web3 Dreams Getting Bigger

Solport, the Solana NFT marketplace, introduces ambitious metaverse plans for its latest acquisition, the well–known Solsteads NFT project. 

Solstead´s Discord channel has been very active since the news dropped on March 28, with both projects´ teams working together on the transition and outlining where the new expanded venture is headed. 

According to Solport´s Founder, Solport Tom, this is the marketplace´s first step in a $9M investment plan to go deeper into all aspects of the crypto space. His team also took over the NFT project Taiyo Robotics, bringing the floor price from 2 SOL to 205 SOL. 

“This is a long term project and if people are looking for short term results this may not be the right project for you, we want to respect the current holders and the brand and make SolSteads a stable in every metaverse, because all metaverses needs some houses and who doesn’t like some Robots right?” wrote Solport Tom on Discord


Now, regarding the plans for the metaverse, Tom has provided the team´s vision for the project, emphasizing that they will attentively listen to community ideas. The intention is to bring Solsteads, Citizens, and Taiyo Robots into a single realm, focusing on building two different experiences for users: a resource-gathering GameFi economy and an explorable social world. 

The game aspect will enable citizens to do tasks and gather resources to improve and expand their houses, introducing interior customization and neighborhood battles. As per the more social and exploratory aspects, the team wants to create a 2D metaverse in the stead art style, where users can explore the city with friends, enter shops, or even visit other players´ houses.

Finally, referring to the integration with Taiyo, a new “Scrapyard” Biome will also be added (Biomes are different locations or neighborhoods, i.e., City, Desert, Mountain). Part of Taiyo’s 2.0 Roadmap will be linked to this scrapyard.

What is Solport?

According to the Solport site, Solport is the #1 marketplace for Solana NFT trading. Solport provides a safe platform for both collectors and art creators. Solport features many Solana-based NFTs like Taiyo Robotics, Ultron Apes, Degenerate Ape Academy, and many more. Solsteads and Citizens NFTs are recent additions. 

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