OpenSea Announces Solana is Coming

It’s official. The moment is almost here.

Solana Confirmed to OpenSea

The top Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for Ethereum––and the whole crypto industry––has announced it will be integrating with the Solana network. The big moment looks like it is almost here.

After silently pushing through a live test of the Phantom wallet around March 26, OpenSea sent out a tweet on March 29 that indicates the integration is right around the corner. The accompanying video shows myriad tweets asking ‘wen Solana?’ with the words ‘April 2022’ coming on the screen.

The integration was further confirmed when the popular Solsteads NFT project tweeted on March 29 that they are on the shortlist of projects to be onboarded onto OpenSea.

The integration of Solana projects and the SOL token to OpenSea will be a major moment for the NFT community. The Solana NFT community ranks second to Ethereum in nearly all metrics, but now they can become a combined force on OpenSea. 

The integration lends even more credence to the growth of a multichain world as well as boosts the credibility of Solana. The more Solana becomes accepted and integrated, the more it will silence the doubters who consider the network inefficient. 

What is OpenSea

OpenSea describes itself as the world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The marketplace offers some of the most exclusive collections in the NFT space. Users can buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items through OpenSea.

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