mtnPay Teases Innovative Solana Pay Features Enabled by New Spec

Solana Pay has released its latest specification, ‘Transaction Requests,’ unlocking complex transactions; mtnpay is excited.

Solana is Chewing Glass till Miami

Solana Pay has recently pushed a groundbreaking specification that allows complex commerce transactions to be executed via a QR code.

mtnPay, a commerce platform that leverages Solana Pay, took to Twitter to highlight the new specification. The update unlocks nearly all Solana transaction abilities. Prior, only token SPL and Solana could be sent and received via QR code.

The specification is live, and all that remains is the need for wallets such as Glow and Phantom to support it. Phantom highlighted that the push should go live before Solana Miami. This event could see a flurry of Solana Pay features supported, considering it looks to invoke ‘World Fair’ vibes.

The Solana Pay protocol has been off to a firing start since its release on the first of February. The same goes for mtnPay, which launched in February at a month-long hacker house in Salt Lake City – mtnDAO.

Features, Possibilities, and Up Next for Solana Pay?

The features that the ‘Transaction Request’ spec opens up span to any protocol on Solana. Some features hinted in the Riptide Hackathon include:

Loyalty program on chain

On-chain points program

Collateral pay (buy now pay later)

NFT rewards

NFT Coupons

Remittances: A simple way for recipients of tokens overseas to turn those tokens into something they can use on the ground in low-connectivity environments.

Streaming Cashflows on Solana: Build a protocol that leverages Solana Pay to enable subscriptions, salary payouts, and rewards that streams continuous transactions at the speed of Solana.

It seems like Miami is the place to look out for some of these latest features. I will luckily be attending and following closely along with the mtnPay team’s updates!


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