mtnDAO to Build in Salt Lake City With Nearly 500k in Support

mtnDAO has garnered massive support and sponsorships from the Solana ecosystem prior to the event in February – 170K+ in sponsorships and 250k in bounties.

Sponsorships for the Hacker House Pour In

mtnDAO is running the first-ever “hack-to-ride” hacker house for the Solana ecosystem in Salt Lake City, Utah.

mntDAO has secured an impressive office space in Salt Lake City for the Solana & Serum-hosted hacker house for the entire month of February. Due to overwhelming demand and sponsorships, the hacker house’s capacity was expanded to 100 seats from 50, as revealed on January 14 via a Twitter post.

Because of the cancellation of the Sundance festival in Park City due to the current COVID spread, the Solana x mtnDAO hacker house in the city was called but the month-long hacker house in Salt Lake City remains in place.

“My good friend Edgar from marginfi and I hosted a non-crypto specific hacker house last January through February that brought ~30 founders together in slc to hack and ski. The experience was a lot of fun and 3 of the groups ended up raising money out of the house, which was cool.” stated Barrett, core contributor from Cypher Protocol about the origins of the hacker house, in an exclusive statement to Solana.News.

“Fast forward to today, Edgar and I are now more engrained in the Solana ecosystem, so we thought let’s do it again, but Solana focused, and dump as much gasoline on the fire as we can.” 

Source: Still from the office reveal

Solana Ecosystem Heavyweights

The space is free for all participants and the DAO is working on more sponsorships to aid housing facilities as well. The hacker house has attracted sponsorship from several major players in the Solana ecosystem like:


Cypher Protocol

Sino Global Capital

Pantera Capital

Multicoin Capital

Project Serum

Zeta Markets

Psy Options


Reciprocal VC



Grape Protocol


Amongst a growing list of others…

“We rallied the troops and started hitting up protocols and VCs that we are close with, seeing who would be interested in sponsoring a hacker house that wasn’t directly hosted by Solana. The flywheel started going and we are pretty excited with the support we’ve received so far, including +$170k in sponsorships from some amazing protocols and VCs as well as over $250k in potential bounties that can be won by teams that are coming to the mtnDAO to hack, which is pretty sick,” added Barrett on the enormous progress made to date.

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