MonkeyLeague Releases Game Essential Series

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The Football simulation PlayAndEarn blockchain project puts the spotlight on Nutrition, MedCare, and Energy as Pioneer Gear-up looks to launch on April 6

Game Essentials

Monkey League, a Football simulation blockchain gaming project on Solana, released a series of articles that lead up to the release of their first major game feature.

Pioneer Gear-Up is the first major game feature that the MonkeyLeague team looks to release on April 6. In a tweet through the protocol’s official Twitter account on March 29, MonkeyLeague announced that they will dig deeper into three major components of their game, Nutrition, MedCare, and Energy, prior to the release of Pioneer Gear-Up.

“The wait is finally over, MonkeyFans! That’s right, Pioneers Gear-Up is here, and we couldn’t be more excited about this huge milestone,” said the football simulation protocol on a Medium post. “Keep in mind that this is the first step inside the official in-game store of MonkeyLeague, giving you guys a first look at what’s coming in terms of design, layout, and of course, to understand further the core game items to play, such as Nutrition, Medcare, and Energy!”


Pioneers Gear-Up is a great opportunity for early adopters of the Football simulation project to start accumulating resources ahead of the game launch. MonkeyLeaguers who hold a Monkey NFT will be able to claim a free game supply pack to create their own inventory supply before the start of the game. Members of the community without a Monkey NFT will also be able to get a game supply pack if they hold at least 1200 $MBS in their wallets.

“Remember, Monkeys can not be played endlessly,” MonkeyLeague reminded its community. “Once the game is live you will receive FREE daily supply packs of all game items but if you want to play more matches to earn higher levels of rewards you will need more Energy for matchplay, Nutritional items to boost Stamina, and MedCare items to restore Health Points, or HP.”

Nutrition items give a boost to your Monkey’s stamina. There are six items that provide Monkeys with nutrition. The more stamina the item gives out, the higher its cost, in $MBS, on the marketplace. The six items are Banana, the cheapest among the six, Monkey Bar, Fruit Punch, Jungle Juice, Monktein Powder, and CryptoNana, the item that gives the most stamina boost among all nutrition items.

Check out MonkeyLeague’s Medium post on nutrition for more details.

Playing MonkeyLeague also takes a toll on your Monkeys. Medical items are needed in order to restore your Monkey’s HP after a grueling battle with other Monkeys. There are six MedCare items available on the marketplace. The more HP healed, the higher the item will cost. The cheapest MedCare item is a bandaid and it restores the least amount of HP for your Monkey. The other items are a Vitamin Boost, Med Kit, Monkey Mist, Potassium Infusion, and Crypto Cure.

Check out MonkeyLeague’s Medium post on MedCare for more details.

Playing a match costs energy within the MonkeyLeague metaverse. The more Monkeys a player owns, the more energy their team gets. Users who enter the game owning all four Monkeys will be able to consume less energy than players who rented half their team. The more energy a player has, the more games they’ll be able to play, the more chances the user has in getting rewards from the gameplay.


“Remember, once the game launches you will receive FREE daily supply packs of game items as well, including Energy to play matches,” MonkeyLeague said in their energy medium post. “However if you want to continue to play after several games, you will likely need more Energy and game items.”

Check out MonkeyLeague’s article on their Medium post to know more about Energy.

What is MonkeyLeague?

MonkeyLeague is a four on four, turn based, play to earn, soccer arcade game built on the Solana blockchain. Two teams battle against each other in a six rounds per half match with the objective of scoring three goals before the opposing team. Monkeys have four roles to play and their abilities and in game performances can improve with training at the Headquarters.Players can earn by building a team and win matches, allow matches to be played on player owned NFT stadiums, or spectate a match and cheer for the winning team.

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