Mini Royale Nations Lists Season 2 Benefits for Holders

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The PlayToEarn FPS blockchain gaming project mentioned seven key benefits for their NFT holders come season two.

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Mini Royale: Nations announced the benefits of holding their NFTs for the upcoming season.

The team behind the FPS blockchain PlayToEarn project built on Solana made the announcement through a Twitter thread on April 2. Mini Royale: Nations lists seven key benefits from holding their NFTs that their community must know.

“Two types of NFTs will be released over the course of Season 2,” Mini Royale: Nations said in its Twitter thread. “S2 Premium Drop [which are] ultra rare 5,555 finite supply of NFT Cyberpunk character skins, [and] S2 Loot Collection, Cyberpunk characters and weapons earned from Battle Pass, Season Quests, and other in-game Events.”


There will be two types of NFTs––premium drops and loot collections––released for the Cyberpunk-themed second season of Mini Royale: Nations, which will last for about two to three months. Community members holding the premium NFTs will enjoy several benefits that come along with owning one. Furthermore, holders of the loot collection NFTs will be able to join a raffle to get one of a hundred premium NFTs up for grabs. Each loot collection NFT is equivalent to one ticket to enter the raffle.

Premium NFT holders will enjoy a wider variety of benefits. Depending on the amount of NFTs held, premium NFT holders will have a bonus percentage boost for their battle pass. Premium NFT holders that stake their S1 or S2 NFTs for 60 days will get access to the rewards of the premium battle pass. Stakers will also get $CHEDDER once the token becomes available.

NFT weapon skins will also be available to premium NFT holders. Users will get airdropped one weapon skin per premium NFT they own sometime within the time frame of the second season. Holders will also get whitelist privileges to a collab the team is making with a currently unnamed toy designer brand. After five generations of breeding, premium drop holders can also evolve mutants to their final form by combining DNA strains from premium drop characters across different seasons. 

Read the Season 2 NFT holding benefits on Mini Royale: Nations FAQ page for more details.

What is Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale allows users to compete against players from around the world to earn tokens and rise up the leaderboards. Users can access ‘Clan Wars’ where they battle alongside clanmates in perilous missions and tournaments to bring back ‘untold fortunes.’ 

An element of land ownership & control means users can purchase land or seize control of land from other players. There is also an opportunity to build mines, refineries, and more to monetize your landholdings. 

Finally, the GameFi project pledges endless creation opportunities; users can form alliances, build cities, and create new game modes and assets.

Where to find Mini Royale:

Website | Twitter | Discord

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