Monkeyball IDO Sells Out in 10 Seconds as GameFi Investors Flock to Project

Team teases the release of its Money Bucks ($MBS) token, but has decided to postpone the sale.

Monkey See Monkey Shoot

Monkeyball’s Initial Dex Offering went by in a flash as GameFi investors sell out the project in less than 10 seconds.

The developers of this play to earn Solana based project initially set the release of their Money Bucks token for December 8 on Raydium. But after careful consideration of the current market performance, the team has decided to wait for more favorable market conditions before releasing $MBS. This comes after the official twitter account of MonkeyBall announced a quick sell out of less than 10 seconds for their IDO on December 5 UTC.

“The MonkeyBall IDO is officially sold out!!! The FCFS sold out in less than 10 seconds. Stay tuned for our announcement of the $MBS Token Launch” Monkeyball IDO tweeted.


The team has decided to time the release when the market has fully recovered from the schock it experienced a few days ago. In a series of tweets, the team asks for the understanding of the entire community for their understanding as they make the difficult decision of postponing the token launch. They also assured those looking forward to the token launch that this doesn’t mean that the project is stopping, but working further to perfectly time the launch and its upcoming NFT drop.

“It’s super important to say that delaying the launch of MBS doesn’t mean MonkeyBall stops.  On the contrary, the train keeps pushing and working on the upcoming NFT Drop and the MonkeyBall game which, in the end, is why we are all here. Please stay tuned for further updates….” MonkeyBall assured its community.

What is MonkeyBall?

MonkeyBall is a four on four, turn based, play to earn, soccer arcade game built on the Solana blockchain. Two teams battle against each other in a six rounds per half match with the objective of scoring three goals before the opposing team. Monkeys have four roles to play and their abilities and in game performances can improve with training at the Headquarters.Players can earn by building a team and win matches, allow matches to be played on player owned NFT stadiums, or spectate a match and cheer for the winning team. Visit their website to know more about the project.

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