Mini Royale NFT Mint Sees Investors Flock in as Two-Part Sale Ends in Seconds

Users rallied to pick up a Mini Royale NFT on Magic Eden and Mini Royale’s website.

GameFi Project: Mini Royale NFT Drop Sells Out 

After having already attracted considerable venture capitalist interest, Faraway’s latest GameFi project, Mini Royale, saw its NFT mint completed in mere seconds as users ramped up efforts to complete purchases. 

The two-part sale saw users mint on both Magic Eden and Mini Royale’s websites. The initial mint price of 0.69 SOL saw an immediate doubling where the floor price sat at 1.5 SOL on Magic Eden’s marketplace.

The team was more than pleased with the clear vote of confidence it had received from what appears to be a more than enthusiastic community:

“We’re absolutely humbled by the support from the community. 10k NFTs of Season 1 characters were sold in a matter of seconds. But for all those players who weren’t able to get one, there are plenty of ways to EARN NFTs by just playing the game.” Faraway Co-Founder, Alex Paley exclusively revealed to Solana News. 


One lucky user will have been over the moon to find that his NFT (pictured below) had fetched 18.9 SOL, making a huge profit on the initial mint price. Of course, they may yet rue their decision if the GameFi project continues to progress at the speed it has done so far. 


The NFTs will allow users to navigate the gameplay with their acquired characters and have a variety of unique holding benefits. The game has already been described as “Roblox meets Battlefield heroes” by our very own @GoonTrades and you can find his in-depth analysis of the project and game below. He was also the sneaky buyer of this NFT.

@GoonTrades also managed to snag what appears to be an incredibly rare NFT, at a snip of 15 SOL. He may well already be confident on his purchase as rarity price continues to move up.

The premium drop has seen users pick up NFTs that will also offer them the chance to become a part of a growing community. Faraway’s Co-Founder, Alex Paley, has already expanded on the importance of cultivating a social dynamic in the game wherein users can interact and get to know one another, you can learn more relating to this in a recent DeFi Direct stream

What is Mini Royale?

Mini Royale allows users to compete against players from around the world to earn tokens and rise up the leaderboards. Users can access ‘Clan Wars’ where they battle alongside clanmates in perilous missions and tournaments to bring back ‘untold fortunes’. An element of land ownership & control means users can purchase land or seize control of land from other players. There is also an opportunity to build mines, refineries and more to monetize your land holdings. Finally, the GameFi project pledges endless creation opportunities; users can form alliances, build cities, and create new game modes and assets.

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